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The section ‘Investing’ on ABN AMRO’s website represented in 2015 the general gut feeling, according to Job Mantz on Emerce Financials. Together with Mitchel Wubben who works at WUA, Mantz got on stage to share his lessons on digital excellence. Down below, an overview of their story can be found. The whole presentation can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

ABN AMRO’s website shared what it had to share about the topic of Investing, and the paragraphs were made more attractive with the help of a visual designer. Little adjustments were made to the website every now and then, but ABN AMRO did not get started with their website structurally. This showed through website numbers: the website did not convert and consumers did not feel a connection with the bank when it comes to investing. On top of that, the Offer was hard to find and the website’s overall Findability was quite low.

A wake-up call

The WUA Digital Sales Scan (now with new digital CX-Score) in 2015 was a wake-up call. ABN AMRO reached the sixth spot; just the right time to make some changes to the website. The Investment team set up KPI’s with the following topics:

  • Findability (both SEO and SEA)
  • Design (UX)
  • Conversion optimization

Through the years, ABN AMRO improved on their Digital Sales Scan by doing the following:

#1 Combining different measuring instruments

ABN AMRO combined several different measuring instruments in order to improve their digital customer experience. For instance, listening in on things mentioned to customer service but also through Adobe Analytics and the WUA Digital Sales Scan.

#2 Verbalizing little, measurable hypotheses

Large goals are being made smaller and smaller with ABN AMRO. The bank starts with a large wish, such as: ‘Selling more investment accounts’. This wish is being disassembled into a few little, more accomplishable wishes. After all, in order to sell more accounts, the bank needs a higher Conversion and more overall Traffic first. These two hypotheses are made even more executable and validated with the help of data. The Investment team makes adjustments where needed.

On the left: more investors products (meer product beleggersproducten), in the middle: more traffic (meer traffic) and better converzion (betere conversie) and on the right side the different solutions (oplossing)

#3 Keep on measuring in order to keep getting results

There’s a world of difference in the 2015 website compared to the 2018 website. With the help of customer feedback, ABN AMRO works on structurally improving their online business card. The team works very hard on developing the website a little more every day. Every term, they report their findings to the company.

#4 Always being on with a ALWAYS ON campaign

ABN AMRO works with a ALWAYS ON tactic. This is based on data (Data-Driven) and is being publicized on several channels (cross-media). The goal of this campaign is to reach the right people at the right time, with the right message.

The above mentioned did, in fact, achieve the desired result: ABN AMRO’s position went from sixth to fourth and the website’s Findability and Conversion both increased considerably. This lead to the bank getting a third spot in 2017, and in Q3 the number of opened bank accounts increased times 7 compared to the year before. On top of that, the bank won the Golden Stier and an audience award in which they were rated best of all financial establishments.