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With the launch of our Digital Experience Dashboard for sales and service in summer 2019, a constant pace of development and innovation started. Together with our clients and market experts, our research, sales and data teams have been improving, testing and rolling out new features on design and navigation continuously.

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Matthijs van den Broek
Head of Thought Leadership

In this product update, we’ll give you a heads-up on just some of the new features and benefits for you as a customer in both the sales and service dashboard. We’ve made the navigation more easy for you, we’re able to show up till 9 studies in 1 overview, and we’ve added automated analyses of the open-ended answers using AI and text mining.

Automated analysis of open answers with AI and text mining

A big step we’ve taken (in both the sales and the service dashboards is the partly automated analysis of the open answers. Where this time-consuming task has previously been mainly with our researchers, we are now increasingly moving towards an analysis that you as a customer can perform yourself under the guidance of AI and “text mining”. In short, we have developed two methods for this.

Method 1. First of all, we have divided keywords in the answers of respondents into topics and these topics into labels. For example: you can think of the word “Clicks” that we link to the topic “Flow” and this topic again to the label “Navigation”. In this way we have already divided 200 words into 40 topics, which we in turn have grouped into 10 labels.

Method 2. We also use AI to give a calculated sentiment score to each open answer from our study. This score tells us whether the respondent’s answer has a negative, neutral or positive sentiment. For example, the phrase, “I found it difficult to find the terms and conditions” will have a negative sentiment.

The real value of these two methods comes up when we combine them. We can easily and quickly visualize which topics are most important for consumers who rate your website or brand as negative or that of the competitor as positive. In summary, this new way of analyzing will help to efficiently identify the topics that are crucial in improving your UX and increasing conversion.

Multiple Studies filtered in one overview

In our improved market overview with the main performance KPIs (findability, conversion, preference) it is now possible to show the results of multiple studies (from multiple countries, journeys and measurements) with a new filtering pane on the right-hand side. The new data set-up allows for up till 9 studies to be combined within one dashboard, and of course we’ll make sure this number will be expanded in the near future.

Navigation: Clear visuals guiding you through the Dashboard

With every version of the dashboard, we’re doing our utmost best to give our dashboard-clients the best possible user experience of the world. Since we’re developing our Dashboard in-house and from the ground up, we’re also aware we’re not there yet 😉

That’s why, in these challenging COVID19-times, we’re investing heavily in customer-feedback sessions with our clients. We use remote usability techniques for this and we think it totally rocks to develop and improve our products and services in close collaboration with our clients and partners. Interested to join us and give your professional input for our product roadmap? Plan a video session via Calendly or drop Talitha LaMacchia a message!

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