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We have been working towards offering a WUA traineeship for quite some time. A traineeship with a focus on Customer Journey thinking, where WUA’s CX knowledge is put into practice at medium to large organizations.

In our Digital Customer Journey traineeship, 6 candidates are trained via masterclasses and workshops from digital professionals at WUA. Thereby these candidates are ready to spread their wings and drive digital excellence at one of our partner companies.

In the next 1.5 years, they will put their knowledge to the test in this company. Are you interested in finding out more? Connect with us or find your answer in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Or get in touch with Maarten de Schipper.

Maarten de Schipper with Henk (left) and Klaas (right) Kroezen


WUA is fortunate to attract a lot of young digital talent due to the position we hold in the market. We were not always able to offer these talented individuals a place within WUA, but by offering a traineeship, we now can. Through the WUA traineeship, we can connect these talented individuals with you as a client. Young professionals are selected based on their winning mentality. The same mentality that is in WUA’s DNA, combined with a passion for digital. In 1.5 years, the trainees are trained at WUA and work in your company at the same time. We will provide the personal development training, workshops, leadership training, and CRO knowledge.

The trainees are primarily graduate students (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree), because we are aiming for trainees that have the capacity to become the future Head of Digital within your company. However, at WUA we know of many examples where someone with a college diploma or certificate, for example, may be further along in their knowledge, experience, and personality. This is why we don’t necessarily exclude these applicants.

Although more and more attention is paid to digital during their studies, we recognize that the trainee’s digital expertise needs to be developed – which is why we chose to start this traineeship. We select trainees based on their level of prior knowledge and we train them on Google Analytics, SEO, and SEA.
We work with an all-in-hour rate that includes all training and guidance. A trainee delivers immediate value by getting started with WUA’s Best Practices. This allows him or her to fulfill a role quickly and concretely as a junior in your digital team. For further details on costs and benefits, contact Maarten de Schipper.

This is possible. We actually encourage it, and this is what our model is based on. We would like to play the role of a ‘kickstart’ for both trainees and clients. After the traineeship, we will not stand in the way of allowing the trainees to work for their client, in fact, we encourage this. Therefore, there is no additional cost for acquisition if you would like to hire the trainee.

Get in touch with Maarten de Schipper via our Dutch traineeship website.

1.5 years in total. Our experience shows that this is a suitable amount of time to allow the trainee to make a substantial contribution to a team or a company. This increases the chances of the trainee ultimately working for you as a client, after 1.5 years.

No. All employer charges, including insurance, superannuation, contracts, vacation, as well as employer risks are remunerated by WUA.

This can happen, although our experience shows that because we use our diligent selection process, this does not occur often. If it does happen, we will mediate to find a good solution for all parties. The starting point for this conversation is to always ensure the trainee and the client are both satisfied.

Qualified people are hard to find, we understand this. The added value of the traineeship is that the trainees are part of a class where they can share experiences from working at different clients. Having the opportunity to share their experiences makes their own learning experience even more educational. We suggest a maximum of three trainees per class.


The most important benefit is the extensive training and guidance you receive from WUA experts. These experts have been working in the digital field for many years, working with strategic insights from market leaders as well as with their data. You will learn to work with this data as well. You will learn from WUA’s best practices, but more importantly: you will learn to think strategically, from the consumer’s point of view. This is how, together, we help companies win in the digital playing field. Additionally, we offer great working conditions and we organize a get-together every Friday afternoon in our office on the Herengracht in Amsterdam (with a special theme every three months). When the weather is good, we even take our WUA boat out on the Amsterdam canals.

We believe that you can immediately be of value to an organization. Our kickstart method takes you by the hand, guided by WUA experts. You will start working with CRO hands-on which will make you feel empowered in the first few weeks of your traineeship.

Every week! During the week, you regularly check in with your WUA buddy. On three Fridays each month, we all gather in the office to focus on your technical and strategic development. In addition, you receive personal leadership and development training once a month to allow you to grow in all areas with the aim to add “Head of Digital Specialist” to your resume in the future.

You must be really eager to learn and develop within multiple companies. This motivation is required to successfully complete your traineeship. You will learn a lot and gain new experiences that will confront you with yourself.

There is a limited number of spots available for this traineeship. We select the people that have the mentality to become the very best in online performance. If you can demonstrate relevant education or extracurricular activities, your chances of getting a spot may increase. But it’s the “click” and your personality that truly matter!

Maarten will contact you. He will determine if you are a good match. He will then invite you for an interview in our office. It is always helpful if you include your motivation with your application.

1.5 years in total. In that time, we teach you a broad spectrum of skills in online performance. After the traineeship, you have gathered broad knowledge, had a look at the inner workings of one of our major clients, met various teams, and you will have grown in your specialization. This allows you to find out what your next steps are going to be.

The traineeship is designed so that you can start working for the client immediately after your traineeship ends. This is not an obligation, however, you may have already selected some great career opportunities during your time at this company, as you have developed within the company and in your understanding of how the company works.

A competitive salary plus extensive (specialized) training and personal development. 

You have the opportunity to work for major brands, market leaders, as well as the federal government and municipalities. In addition, we are planning on offering traineeships abroad where we currently have quite a few clients. We are not quite there yet, but if going abroad is part of your ambition, please let us know!

You will learn everything about online performance. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • A/B testing (and learning from this)
  • Analyzing customer journeys
  • Copywriting
  • Automating marketing efforts

You will receive a broad spectrum of general training because we want you to get a taste for as many aspects of online performance as possible. This is done through training sessions on the WUA philosophy to create a more holistic view of Customer Journey – as well as training on customer journey thinking, and observing customer journeys at your competitor. We believe you should not only consider your own funnel, but your competitor’s funnel as well.

In this traineeship, Customer Journeu thinking extends beyond just A/B testing. We give you a strategic perspective, because we believe these skills will train you to become the future Head of Digital. Additionally, you will form a basis of general knowledge of Google Analytics, SEO, and SEA. This is created through data analysis and interpretation. We will guide you on a technical and business level, which will allow you to add value quickly.

That you are committed, willing to learn, open, and positive. We also expect that you are not afraid of confronting yourself once in a while, as this will be part of the learning process. Do you possess these qualities? If you do, you will have a great time that you will never forget.

Our application process is short and sweet!

A total of 6 trainees will be selected for the first group/class. You and the fellow trainees in your class will get together every Friday to learn from each other’s experiences! This is a great basis for a network and perhaps for great friendships as well!

We could tell you more about this, but we would like to invite you to come experience it for yourself! Every Friday we get together for drinks, on our boat or in the office. Register here (website in Dutch) to get to know us, without any obligations