Eneco.nl stands tallest regarding online orientation research on Energy Contract

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With a Digital Sales Score of 22, Eneco.nl takes the lead in WUA’s most recent online energy research. 400 consumers have taken part in this research which took place in November 2018, and in which both desktop and smartphones were used. Independer.nl comes in second with a score of 21. Nuon.nl conquers the third spot with a score of 19. As to Customer Experience (expressed in the new Digital CX-Score), Eneco.nl scores best on desktop and Gaslicht.com takes the lead when it comes to smartphone use.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Onderzoek: Energiy contract
    Meting: November 2018
    Land: Netherlands
  • Totaal Desktop Mobiel
  • 1 Eneco.nl 22 23 22
  • 2 Independer.nl 21 17 25
  • 3 Nuon.nl 19 18 20
  • 4 Essent.nl 19 16 21
  • 5 Greenchoice.nl 17 21 12
  • 6 energiedirect.nl 15 15 16
  • 7 Gaslicht.com 15 15 16
  • 8 Energieprijzenvergelijken.com 15 16 15
  • 9 Oxxio.nl 10 12 8
  • 10 Overstappen.nl 9 13 5
  • 11 EasySwitch.nl 9 11 7
  • 12 Qurrent.nl 8 6 11
  • 13 ENGIE-energie.nl 6 8 5
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  • Highest total score
  • Highest score on device
In the fourth quarter of 2018 WUA renewed her questionnaire. The Digital Sales Score is now divided in the Digital Sales Score and the Digital CX-Score. Read more about it here.

Digital Sales Score: Eneco.nl wins because of its good Findability and strong Preference

13% out of the 400 consumers in this research puts Eneco.nl first. Eneco.nl is being found by 37% of the respondents, which leads to a Conversion of 34%. Greenchoice.nl’s conversion is good as well (37%). The brand’s green message appears to be working very well when it comes to persuading consumers who are orientating themselves with energy providers.

Independer.nl scores highest on Conversion alongside its low Findability

Comparison website Independer.nl scores 45% on Conversion, which is 10 percentage points higher than Eneco.nl. However, Independer.nl was only found through merely 17% of the research’s orientating consumers. This number is quite a lot lower than the Findability percentage of large energy providers such as Eneco.nl (37%), Nuon.nl (49%) or Essent.nl (52%).

Particularly Independer.nl’s clear presentation of their Selection is being valued. A consumer mentions: “This website shows not only providers, prices and contracts, but as well as this, the fine prints are also mentioned. On top of that, other consumers’ reviews show up immediately as well”.

The top 10 of this research shows no less than 4 comparison websites. In total, 42% of the respondents indicate they prefer an energy comparison website over any other website.

Essent.nl in previous 3 researches a winner, however Preference drops in recent research

Essent, winner of the three previous researches, is being found online most often (52%), just like previous researches show. However, the website’s Preference decreased from 18% in 2017 to 17% in May 2018, to 10% in the most recent research.

New: The Digital CX-Score

The digital CX-Score is a display of the total website experience and has been based on questions regarding the themes Look&Feel, Selection and Brand. For instance, the ability to quickly and clearly convey the website’s selection and the trust in the company behind the website. The score consists of a measured mean of all of these elements, in which the elements that have proven to have a bigger impact on the eventual preference weigh more heavily. Our analysis shows for instance that elements such as Selection and Brand are considered more important in generating a preference than the element Look&Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Onderzoek Energie
    Meting: November 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Score
  • 1 Eneco.nl 64
  • 2 Nuon.nl 61
  • 3 energiedirect.nl 61
  • 4 Oxxio.nl 60
  • 5 Essent.nl 58
  • Digital CX-Score | Smartphone
    Onderzoek Energie
    Meting: November 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Score
  • 1 Gaslicht.com 64
  • 2 Nuon.nl 63
  • 3 Essent.nl 62
  • 4 Eneco.nl 61
  • 5 energiedirect.nl 58

Digital CX-Score: Eneco takes the lead regarding desktop, Gaslicht.com in smartphone

Within the CX-rankings on both desktop and smartphone, Eneco.nl takes the lead with a score of 64 on desktop and Gaslicht.com comes in first regarding smartphone with a score of 64 as well. Eneco.nl scores high on Brand, whereas Gaslicht.com is on its First Impression being valued for the theme part Brand. Furthermore, Selection and the website’s In-depth possibility are appreciated highly.

Durability is not more important than Price

The media often show news reports about climate targets and global warming. In this WUA research, 72% of the research’s participants indicate they consider durability somewhat to very important. Salient detail: If we take a look at durability versus price, then 79% of the respondents indicate lower costs are more important to them than having access to green energy.

Consumer goes green due to excellent isolation

To 39% of the population, isolating their houses is the current most popular method of being durable as well as saving money. In 2019, 22% of the research’s consumers plan to increase on their durability through investing in solar panels. However, almost half of the consumers (43%) indicate they are not planning on becoming (even) more durable in 2019.

Goal and Relevance of the research

The goal of this research is to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves with taking out an energy contract. It is important to capture the consumers’ choices and their reason why choosing a specific company. WUA worked on a proven model for the last 10 years, which shows as precisely as possible what customers want, whatever are the best practices and the obstacles per provider. A custom-made rapport is available within two weeks, including a get-to-work workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.