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A beautiful website with a sleek design. That’s what consumers say about in the study in which consumers set out to find an energy contract (May 2018). On the theme of Look & Feel, the energy provider’s looks are highly appreciated in questions such as ‘the design of the site is attractive’ and ‘the design suits the product’. The most important information is clearly shown, and instead of a famous Dutch person, the site uses a man that could’ve been your neighbor. ENGIE’s straightforward approach inspires trust:

Calm website with attention to important details uses many shades of blue. To draw the consumer’s attention, the website employs a clever use of color. A prominent orange button on the homepage serves a clear purpose as starting point for visitors. The use of color enables to guide visitors’ attention in a clear, yet non-shouting way.

A prominent orange button on the homepage serves a clear purpose as starting point for visitors

The interactive meters also draw visitors’ attention. The customer appreciation panel has an interactive design: the meters slowly fill as the visitor scrolls past.

The meters slowly fill as the visitor scrolls past.

Information short and to the point

The information on the page is short and to the point; the most important information is shown in bold letters, and the headers immediately make it clear what the text is about. This makes it easy to scan through the pages, making the most important information stand out.

The benefits of the ENGIE products are also shown clearly on the website: the app gives you overview of your energy consumption, and the smart thermometer ensures you’ll save money on your monthly bills.

Regular Joe draws consumers in

The photos of people on the website are of ‘regular’ people. This makes the images feel real. Like this man who, with his window and solar panels, instantly makes it clear what the page is about. All content below the header is related to energy: it’s about green energy, solar panels, and electric charging stations for cars. All information is relevant and relates to energy. The images are also in line with the subject.

ENGIE’s model could be your neighbor. The photo is cleverly used in the website’s design, the man point towards the button and helps guide the website visitor. has also given the image a function, by making the man lean out the window and point to the button ‘A simple step to request a quote’.

A website that’s right on target

Website visitors appreciate websites that are right on target. presents its information in a clear, transparent way, shows regular Dutch people, and with its orange buttons, guides visitors’ attention.

One of many Best Practices

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