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After taking first place from in May 2019, and winning in the Solar Panels and Energy for Business studies in 2019, continues its winning streak in 2019 in our November 2019 Energy Contract study Consumer. With a Digital Sales Score of 28, the energy provider is 10 points ahead of (in second place) and (third). (the Nuon brand ceased to exist in The Netherlands) takes first place in the Digital Customer Experience list on desktop, with a 66 point score. Winner on smartphone is comparison website, with a CX-Score of 70 points.

>>> Get the full market picture: Check out and play around with our Digital Experience Dashboard Energy Consumer here. takes second place in the Customer Experience rankings on both desktop (CX Score 65 points) and smartphone (CX Score 63). In this November Energy study most of the 400 consumers stated they prefer online when orienting on (71%) and taking out an energy contract (71%). When asked if they would change energy supplier, 41% said yes, 26% wasn’t sure (yet).

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In our Digital Experience Dashboard Energy you’ll find a sneak peek of all the data we’ve gathered in this customer experience study on taking out an energy contract in the Netherlands. Interested in the full study? The extensive CX dataset, based on more than 1.000 website evaluations, is now available for you in our interactive Digital Experience Dashboard within 2 business days. Our full tailor-made report with best practices, analyses, conclusions, action workshops and recommendations is available within 2 weeks. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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