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With a Web Performance Score of 71, Europcar is the favorite of consumers looking to rent a car online. WUA studied their preference in March 2018 with its Web Performance Scan. WUA asked 200 consumers to go online on desktops and find a rental car. The top-3, like in the previous two studies, consists of Europcar, Sixt, and Rentalcars.

The same top-3 as in 2015, but with smaller differences

Ever since the 2014 study, Europcar has managed to grab the number 1 position in the benchmark. This shows most consumers prefer this company when they’re looking to rent a car. Europcar doesn’t get the best scores on every element of the benchmark: the ‘First Impression’ in the categories ‘Look & Feel’ and ‘Brand’ is won by Avis.

In the so-called ‘In-Depth’ phase, when consumers decide to continue on a website, Europcar wins every single element.

  • Web Performance Score
    Onderzoek Auto Huren
    Meting: Maart 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Score
  • 1 71
  • 2 64
  • 3 63
  • 4 63
  • 5 54
  • 6 53
  • 7 49
  • 8 49
  • 9 49
  • 10 48
  • 11 46
  • 12 46
  • 13 45
  • 14 44
  • 15 43
  • 15 43
  • 16 41
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Smaller differences in the market

Since the 2015 study, the differences between the players in the market have become smaller. We see Sixt inching closer and closer to Europcar. This is possibly a result of the new website the company launched last year. The differences between Sixt, Rentalcars, and Avis are minimal.

We’re overjoyed that we’re once again the winner of the online orientation study on car rentals.

Optimizing our website and service is a continuing process, one we work hard on improving every single day.

This award is a great acknowledgment that we’re on the right track, but we’ll keep developing ourselves in order to provide our customers with even better service!
-Wietske Aaftink, Marketing Manager Europcar

Whereas the previous editions of the study showed large differences in the ‘Conversion’ section, these have all but disappeared. Nearly every provider gets an average ‘Conversion’ score.


The AirBnB of the car rental industry?

It’s interesting to take a look at the new players on the market. As we saw with AirBnB, for example, it became relevant to simply offer a platform, and let consumers offer their own products to each other. One ‘odd man out’ in the study is SnappCar. ‘Rent out your car, help others, and earn back the costs of your car’. It sounds like a beautiful solution, but in the benchmark, the company doesn’t get a lot of preference yet. It does, however, manage to make the top-3 in the areas of ‘Continue’ and ‘Offer’ in the in-depth phase. In any case, we’ll keep a close eye on this company.

5 insights from this study

  1. Europcar wins the study by a landslide. An important factor is that the biggest share of the orienting consumers know to find this provider: 65% visits this website when orienting themselves on a rental car in the Netherlands. The second place winner, Sixt, draws 52% of consumers to its website.
  2. In customer experience, Europcar provides a high-quality in-depth phase. Visitors feel like it’s easy to get all the necessary information they wish to know about renting a car in the Netherlands.
  3. Avis also scores high in customer experience: especially in first impression, it’s a strong performer in look & feel and brand perception. Avis’ visitors tend to like the look of the Avis website and the professional, knowledgeable appearance.
  4. Comparison site Rentalcars scores high by providing a good offer in the in-depth phase, but falls behind on trust. ‘Trust’ is one thing winner Europcar does know how to project, which is one of the reasons they beat the competition.
  5. Snappcar, not a traditional car rental company, but renting a car in your neighborhood, convinces 4% of the target audience to choose them for renting a car in the Netherlands. Snappcar scores highest on price-to-quality: visitors of the website feel like they’re getting a good deal.

Goal and relevance of this study

The goal of this study is to map the digital experience of potential customers orienting themselves on renting a car in the Netherlands, which provider they choose, and most importantly, why.

In the study, WUA’s online experts lay bare any sore points and things to improve on all themes, through the validated Web Performance Model. Conclusions and recommendations are tailored to each separate provider. Digital Excellence is achieved by a combination of several stakeholders, such as:

  • Everyone with commercial responsibility: the winner takes all.
  • Management: for the right direction and mentality in the organization.
  • The person(s) responsible for digital: give the right insights, direction, and energy to your team.
  • Online marketers: get started with the recommendations right away for a higher conversion.
  • Research: decent research with validated model is the basis for digital success.
  • Proposition/marketing: Aside from Look & Feel, the themes of Offer and Brand are of vital importance to the buying process.