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SAN FRANCISCO – Our latest Digital Sales Scan saw retain its crown as the top car insurance company in terms of digital experience. Being found most is often a determining factor in which site get the highest Digital Sales Score. Despite finishing second in findability, GEICO narrowly edged out Progressive, with 18% of respondents choosing as their preferred website for car insurance. Further down in the rankings, saw a steep drop in preference this time around, falling from fifth place to eighth place. Let’s take a deeper dive into the data to see how the rest of the competition performed.

  • Digital Sales Score Ranking
    Name study: Car Insurance
    Measurement: May 2018
    Country: United States
  • Total
  • 1 72
  • 2 72
  • 3 71
  • 4 67
  • 5 54
  • 6 52
  • 7 50
  • 8 48
  • 9 44
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  • Highest total score
  • Highest score on device

Aim of this study

The goal of this study was to gain a clear understanding of the digital experience that customers are having when searching for auto insurance online. Who do they choose to get a car insurance policy from? Why do they choose one car insurance company over the other? Using a proven model WUA has worked on over the past ten years, we can map out exactly what customers are searching for, what the best practices in the online auto insurance market are, and what areas can be improved. In this study, customers evaluated the following websites:

The Task

300 respondents were instructed to complete the following task on their desktop computer: “Imagine after a conversation with a good friend about his car insurance, you would like to get a new car insurance policy for your current car. Please go online and search for a car insurance policy that suits your needs. Please take all the steps towards applying for car insurance online, however don’t actually apply.”​ Each respondent started their search from a blank web page and could use any method they wanted to find a car insurance policy that suited their needs.

Digital Excellence: Who gets the highest preference?

The difference between first and second place in this study was very slim. Both and finished with the same web performance score of 72, but emerged on top due to their higher rate of conversion and preference. Despite being found by roughly the same number of respondents, GEICO was able to turn 25% of the respondents that entered their website into ‘customers’, which is 5% more than According to our data, distinguished itself from the competition by communicating their brand in a way that resonated with respondents. finished tied for first place for the categories “Trust in company” and “Company will deliver on promises.” Additionally, the site was rated as the most useful website for getting car insurance.

When we measured the online market for car insurance last October, was also the winner. However, some of the company’s scores are down a bit since the last time around. In terms of conversion, dropped from 27% to 25% while their preference went down one percentage point. On the flip side, the company’s findability went up a percentage point., which has a reputation for offering affordable car insurance policies, received an identical score for the category Product Offer. Now let’s see how the competition performed.

Some of the quantitative findings of our study

The data we extracted from this Digital Sales Scan provides a snapshot of digital excellence within the online market for car insurance. Let’s have a look at some of the findings from this study.

  • The top four spots in this study’s rankings are occupied by the same quadruplet of car insurance companies as the first time we studied this market. However, the gap between second and third place has closed dramatically.
  • Whereas trailed by seven points in their overall web performance score last October, now the gap between the two companies is one point. In fact, more respondents chose as their preferred car insurance company than
  • While Progressive may have the highest rate of findability, has a much stronger conversion rate than Progressive. With a strong conversion rate of 26%, would certainly reel in more customers if they boosted their findability online.
  • plummeted in the rankings, going from 5th place to 9th. In every category within the customer journey, saw a decline in scores. The main point of concern for is their findability, which dropped from 28% to a dismal 17%.
  • may have ended in 6th place for the second time in a row, but there is one category in which they are dominating: Look & Feel. The further respondents entered the site, the more pleased they became with the appearance of the site. With a score of 86 for Look & Feel, finished best in this category. That on its own however wasn’t enough to win over customers as only 4% of respondents selected as their preferred insurance company.
  •, the online-only insurance company, saw a big improvement from the last time WUA measured this market. The company went from 8th to 7th in the rankings, but more importantly, their conversion rate nearly doubled from 13% to 22%. Respondents applauded for offering a more affordable deal, something that didn’t happen last October. For this reason, went from 76 to 80 for the category Product Offer.
  • For a company to be featured in our rankings, they must be found by at least 10% of respondents. This time around, was found by enough respondents to be included in the rankings. However, the newcomer finished last in a number of categories including Product Offer, Findability, and Brand, which explains why they ended at the bottom of our rankings.