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After almost 10 years of research on SIM only subscriptions, wins first place for the first time in the study done in April. In September, the SIM only provider wins yet again. How did they do this? How does generate almost twice as much preference as its competitors? The five takeaways from the article published in May (based on the study conducted in April) in Connexie.

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#1 The online game is simple: it’s all about findability and conversion

To perform well online and to beat the competition, there are two standard elements that are vital to one’s success. Make sure you have the highest findability, and that the visitors on your website convert as much as possible. The result is market dominance. manages to excel at the digital game both in findability (ranked 2nd, after Vodafone) and conversion (first place).

#2 Cater to feelings of good price-quality ratio

In the in-depth phase of the study, ‘smaller’ providers in the market do really well. Companies like,,,, and manage to draw visitors in with a good price/quality ratio. and actually receive the highest scores in the entire market, both scoring 81 points.

#3 It’s all about data

The most important part of a SIM only subscription these days is the data plan it offers. The number of minutes for calling is less and less important, and more often than not, is ‘unlimited’. caters to this by presenting its limited differentiation in Offer as dependent on the size of the data plan, which varies between 250MB and 10GB.

#4 Claim your game = SIM only. No fuss. Simple. That’s the message wants to get into consumers’ minds. Judging by the high preference and the high online findability in this study, we can carefully state they succeed at this.

#5 Offer: Sometimes, less more

Many consumers in the study appreciate the limited offer presented by “Sufficient options to choose from, but not too many,” one of the consumers who prefer concluded in the study.’s offer is ‘well-organized’ and ‘clear’, another consumer said. We also read the comment: “There’s only one deal, but that deal’s pretty good.”