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Success leaves clues, according to Tony Robbins. And in order to be successful, you will have to follow these little hints and learn from them. As a UX or website developer, this is no different. See what the best are doing, hypothesize, test and adapt with pride. You can either learn from the best companies in the world or get inspiration from other top UX Designers.

1. Comparing the digital properties of the best companies in the world

Through comparing the digital properties of the best companies in the world, one can find the global and industry best practices. And by implementing those best practices one can move towards the best performance in the market. Think leading examples of Netflix and Amazon. Or do what Vodafone did, and look at other great examples when launching a new app or website (design). Or learn from companies in and out of your industry by downloading our Best Practice document (below) where our researcher selected high-scoring parties.

2. Learn from other top UX Designers

Find inspiration in top UX Designers (among our favorites: Luke Wroblewski, Don Norman or Catriona Shedd). Whether that is financially, physically, mentally, or spiritually. For mastering business, Tony’s advice to everyone is the same:

  • Adopt that persons’ beliefs.
  • Follow their strategy for success (syntax).
  • Take on their physiology.

3. Adapt best practices to test & improve

At WUA we learned from Tony Robbins as well. Part of our business model is providing companies with Best Practices. Because, just as Tony does, we believe that looking at what others are doing well (and learning from this) is the best way to improve your path to excellent customer experiences. These practices are a digital source of inspiration that is found through our Benchmark studies. Learning from the best is inspiring, efficient, and speeds up your growth.