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When it comes to Look & Feel, Offer and Brand, de Hypotheker tops the charts when looking at the first six months of 2019. This is due to the high CX score on smartphone the company received in the Mortgage survey (May 2019). This is what you can learn from De Hypotheker. puts the Cialdini principle to good use designed its mobile website to make calculating the mortgage into the first step of the customer journey. To help the visitor further along, they’re asked to fill out their information one step at a time. First, there’s a start screen which makes it seem as if the visitor just needs to fill in the asking price of a house. Once they’ve done that, a new screen appears with three steps. This is a good example of how a website can take advantage of Cialdini’s consistency and commitment principle. Once a visitor has filled in one field, they tend to complete the journey (consistency, according to Cialdini*).

In blue subtitle: Calculate here if you can pay for the house

High service perception at scores highest in terms of service perception. For example, by filling in information on various pages (with only one question per page), the visitor is guided towards the right choice. After that, the mortgage is calculated, and the visitor is directed towards a test, which enables them to figure out whether they can take out the mortgage on their own.

Clarity builds trust

In addition to this “self-service” concept, the website visitor has the option of getting in touch with a mortgage consultant. makes it clear that the consultant is all about providing peace of mind to the customer. The website is upfront about what the consultation entails and that it is offered at no cost. This clarity establishes trust, so the customer doesn’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises.

In blue subtitle: Take out your mortgage yourself with the certainty of De Hypotheker. In orange button: See if taking out a mortgage yourself is something you can do yourself

One of many Best Practices

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