Reading Time: 2 minutes,, and lead the Digital Sales Ranking in the Loan study in Austria. With a Digital Sales Score of 31 points, ranks first. finishes second with a Digital Sales Score of 26 points and comes in third place with a Digital Sales Score of 20 points. A total of 576 respondents went online (via smartphone or desktop) to search for a personal loan.

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Small difference in Conversion between and tops the ranking because of their highest average Findability of 41%, combined with a Conversion of 47%. Looking at Conversion only, is more persuasive (49%).

Looking at the individual percentages on desktop and smartphone, is followed closely by on desktop. With a Findability of 30% (compared to’s 40%), the website manages to convince 16% of visitors to choose them first. This leads to a Conversion of 52% on desktop, where manages to gain a 49% Preference.

On smartphone, falls short on Findability. The provider has a Findability of 27%, 14 percent points lower than (41%). In terms of Conversion, scores slightly higher than The bank has a Conversion of 46% compared to 45% for wins CX on desktop, wins on smartphone

Consumers complement the “modern, easy to use, clear overview” of’s website. is described as a “clear” website with a “simple design”.

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