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ING, a bank with Dutch roots, is popular beyond our country’s borders too. In the search for a Personal Loan in Spain, the bank ranked #1 in a study with 600 Spanish respondents. With a lower Findability and higher Preference than second place, ING achieves a Digital Sales Score of 36. achieves an overall score of 24; takes third place.

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In the Digital Sales Scan, conducted on both desktop and smartphone, also offers the best Customer Experience, scoring a Digital CX Score of 70 points on desktop, and 72 on smartphone. and found often, but don’t convince visitors yet

With a Findability of 55% ( and 56% (, both banks are found by more than half of respondents in their search for a Personal Loan. However, this doesn’t translate to a high Conversion (Preference/Findability). While more than half of the respondents visited Cofidis, only around 1 in 4 visitors (28%) end up choosing them. For Cetelem this is even less: only one out of every 7th visitor (15%) chooses them.

In comparison, more than every second visitor of ING (52%) puts them in first place. gets a 39% Conversion score, and achieves 36% Conversion.

ING best CX on both smartphone and desktop

ING is also in first place in Customer Experience. The 600 respondents in this study rank ING highest on both desktop and smartphone. In this assessment, the study looks at the Customer Experience themes of Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand. In the words of consumers, the ING website is ‘fast’, ‘easy to use’, ‘intuitive’, and doesn’t contain any images that distract from the site’s goal. Furthermore, the information is elaborate enough to give consumers a clear image of what taking out a loan would mean.