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In April 2020, 200 Dutch consumers have orientated themselves on smartphone on taking out a mortgage. Which websites do they find? What do they experience? From whom do they decide to buy? And, of course: why? Or: why not?

Roos Rieu
Customer Success Manager

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Rabobank has long been favorite in WUA’s mortgage studies. In the most recent measurement, number one ING barely outperforms Rabobank. ING manages to get a 19% preference from 200 mobile users, against 17% preference for Rabobank. 

Elise Nijenhuis, Product Owner Digital Marketing Mortgages ING Netherlands

“It is nice to see that optimizing our mobile customer journey is paying off and that it is so well experienced by the customer!”

The large Dutch banks are firmly in the saddle. Findability for ING, Rabobank and ABN AMRO has further increased. No less than 59% of the respondents finds and rates Rabobank and ING. ABNAMRO is just behind with 53%. SNS Bank has a findability of 43%.

In the measurement of October 2019, no bank generated more than 47% Findability. The total preference of the four major banks in the April 2020 measurement is 56%, with Rabobank (17%), ING (19%), ABN AMRO (12%), and SNS Bank (8%). That is a gain of 9% compared to the previous measurement.

Comparison websites Hypotheker and Independer must settle for a declining position. Both companies are losing Preference and they are confronted with declining Findability. (former winner) and both generated a Preference of 8%. knows how to convert the most visitors (42%) but does not reach more than 18% Findability.

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