Reading Time: 4 minutes is the first ever winner in the new February Children’s Bank Account study. A total of 400 consumers, all parents of children in the age of 0 – 11 on either smartphone or desktop, gave a Digital Sales Score of 41. is the runner up with a score of 32 points and takes third place with a total of 23 points.

Furthermore, scores highest in providing the best customer journey on desktop with a CX Score of 69. achieves the highest CX Ranking on smartphone.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study: Children's Bank Account
    Measurement: February 2019
    Country: Netherlands
  • Total Desktop Mobile
  • 1 41 41 41
  • 2 32 35 28
  • 3 23 26 21
  • 4 18 19 18
  • 5 15 9 22
  • 6 10 11 10
  • 7 6 7 6
  • 8 3 0 5
  • 9 2 0 3
  • 10 0 0 0
  • Show full list
  • Highest total score
  • Highest score on device
In the fourth quarter of 2018 WUA renewed her questionnaire. The Digital Sales Score is now divided in the Digital Sales Score and the Digital CX-Score. Read more about it here. high Findability and Preference

One of the reasons has such a high Digital Sales Score, and is 11 points ahead of, is that many customers start their online journey on ING’s website. That first website is often considered the ‘benchmark’ for customers, which means that every other website they visit after this one will be compared to the first website.

For this results in a high Preference: 32% of consumers prefer to open an account with this bank. In combination with a high Findability (84%), achieves the highest Conversion (38%) in this study. The ‘pinniemaat’, a toy bank device for children certainly adds to’s Preference. Additionally, customers commend the option to “design your own bankcard”.

High Conversion for as well

Runner up proves to be a worthy contender in converting their orienting visitors. With a percentage of 31%, they get closest to in terms of Conversion. The differences between and are lowest on desktop: has ‘just’ 106% more Conversion than On smartphone this is 131% more. Because of the lower Findability (72%) and lower Preference (22%), scores only 32 Digital Sales points, landing them a second place. and lagging behind in Findability, convince 1/4 of website visitors to choose them

Although and lag behind on Findability, both banks are good in convincing customers to choose them. With a Findability of 41%, 9% of ASN Bank’s website visitors choose the bank resulting in a 20% Conversion. has a Conversion of 22%, with a Findability of 17% they convince 4% of their visitors to choose them over the other banks. Orienting customers like the “nice” and “playful lay-out” on Regionbank’s website and praise the “focus on kids, colorful website, clear explanations” on the site.

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New: The Digital CX-Score

The Digital CX-Score is a display of the total website experience and has been based on questions regarding the themes Look & Feel, Selection, and Brand. For instance, the ability to quickly and clearly convey the website’s selection and the trust in the company behind the website. The score consists of a measured mean of all of these elements, in which the elements that have proven to have a bigger impact on the eventual preference weigh more heavily. Our analysis show for instance that elements such as Selection and Brand are considered more important in generating a preference than the element Look & Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Study: Payment Account for Children
    Measurement: February 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 69
  • 2 69
  • 3 66
  • 4 65
  • 5 61
  • Digital CX-Score | Smartphone
    Study: Payment Account for Children
    Measurement: February 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 65
  • 2 65
  • 3 64
  • 4 63
  • 5 63 highest score on desktop, better on smartphone and provide the best customer experience in this study with an equal CX-Score of 69 on desktop and 65 on smartphone. and are considered “trustworthy” and the “brand awareness” is high.

Both and found by 60% of customers and are found by 60% of respondents in the Children’s Bank Account study. Between the two, is strong in convincing visitors to choose them over their competitors, mainly because of the customer’s satisfactory online experience. On both desktop and smartphone excels in gaining Preference in the Further Look themes Brand and Offer.

Customers find that information is “easily accessible” and are pleased with the options provides: “ offers two clear choices: a savings account for children of up to 12 years of age and one for children between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. This makes it easy to pick. In addition, everything you need to know is explained in a concise way. You have the option to request more information if required.”

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Goal and relevance of this research

The goal of this research is to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves with taking out a Children’s Bank Account. It is important to capture the consumers’ choices and their reason why choosing a specific company. WUA worked on a proven model for the last 10 years, which shows as precisely as possible what customers want, whatever are the best practices and the obstacles per provider. A custom-made rapport is available within two weeks, including a get-to-work workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.