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In the most recent Recruitment study, conducted among 360 job seekers, respondents say they mostly search through websites and their own networks. Newspapers and magazines are used less often.

You’re looking for a job, how do you orient yourself?

More than 85% of job seekers state they use websites to search for suitable vacancies. Friends (60%) or their own networks (76%) are next in preference. Social Media are also popular; 57% say they use social media to find a job. Newspapers and magazines are least popular: in total, 16% say they prefer to use this medium; magazines are named by 8%.

LinkedIn the #1 source for jobs

As for social media, the study asked respondents which of these media would then be the most popular. LinkedIn is named by 81% as a source for finding a job, Facebook by 44%, and Instagram receives the preference of 19% of respondents. Twitter (13%) and even Snapchat (6%) are also mentioned – the latter mostly by the group who graduated less than 1 year ago.

Dutch Government preferred by most job seekers

In the current, April 2019 study, the government’s vacancy site switches places with Coolblue, which had taken first place in the previous November 2018 study.
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