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In the research (November 2018) of online orientation of a post-paid plan with smartphone, performed on desktop, 200 questioned consumers rate with a Digital Sales Score of 33. gets second place (22) and shares a third place with (19), thus leaves its competition far behind.

In terms of customer experience on the website, T-Mobile performs slightly better, they get a score of 69 whereas and reach a number of 68 points. Even though these scores are very close, there are many visible differences on a deeper level.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study:Phone + Plan
    Measurement date: November 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 33
  • 2 22
  • 3 19
  • 4 19
  • 5 18
  • 6 18
  • 7 16
  • 8 13
  • 9 7
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  • Highest total score
  • Highest score on device

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The findability of is 29% and with that, it holds up well with the mobile network operators. is found by 18% of the consumers, by 9% and is therefore at the bottom of the ranking when it comes to findability. In the extra results that you can download through the form below, you will find the findability and conversion rates of all providers.

Conversion of providers close together,, and all maintain a conversion of over 30% and are followed by,, and who linger between 21% and. 24%. The only one that lags in terms of conversion and findability is They are found by 20% of the consumers and are put first by 2%, resulting in a conversion of 10%. excels at Further look

When the consumer is using the website more intensively, comes out as favorite in terms of Look&Feel and Selection. scores highest on Brand when it comes to Further look. is praised for its available options, but also its selection of smartphones is mentioned. A consumer mentions: “There is a lot of choice. Fortunately, there is an option to apply filters on the left side and limit the selection”. The fact that has been a strong brand for years is proven by the answers that are given about the company. This consumer successfully summarizes many of the opinions: “Renowned company. Evidently adapts to the times. Strict but just.” In the end reaps the profits in this research, partly thanks to this trust of the consumer.

New: The Digital CX-Score

The Digital CX-Score is a display of the total website experience and has been based on questions regarding the themes Look&Feel, Selection, and Brand. For instance, the ability to quickly and clearly convey the website’s selection and the trust in the company behind the website. The score consists of a measured mean of all of these elements, in which the elements that have proven to have a bigger impact on the eventual preference weigh more heavily. Our analyses show for instance that elements such as Selection and Brand are considered more important in generating a preference than the element Look & Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Study:Phone + Plan
    Measurement date: November 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 69
  • 2 68
  • 3 68
  • 4 65
  • 5 65
  • 6 64
  • 7 64 offers the best customer experience

When we continue to look at the scores in the field of CX (also customer experience), T-Mobile comes off strong in terms of both Look&Feel, Selection, and Brand. This is especially visible in the First Impression. One says regarding the way the website looks: “Overview through a choice menu. Not too much fuss.” As a result, the Brand appears reliable because of “The opportunity to directly ask questions through a chat”. The Selection is described as: “Clear overview, a wide range of choices, prices are clearly stated.” However, they are less skilled at subsequently convincing the consumer to actually get a post-paid plan with them.

5 key insights from this study

  • leaves its competition far behind with a Digital Sales Score of 33. gets a second place (22), shares third place with (19). From the third place onwards, differences are significantly less far apart. At the bottom of the list we find (7).

  • performs surprisingly well with the shared third place on the Digital Sales Score list. They appear to convince most consumers with their competitive prices.

  • Next to that it is remarkable that, even though T-Mobile excels in terms of First impression and Continue on the website, they manage to convince less people to get a post-paid plan with them than a provider such as For the consumers applies: in order to choose instead of, T-Mobile needs to offer competitive prices and deals.

  • In the field of Digital Customer Experience, the top 3 are close together. T-Mobile tops the list with a score of 69, where (68) and (68) follow closely. There is a small gap with the number 4, (65).

  • Interestingly enough, T-Mobile scores best in terms of First Impression and Continue, but manages to satisfy consumers the most in terms of Further Look. The ease and clarity of the buying process are the most important reasons for the consumer to give a higher rating.

Goal and relevance of this study

The goal of this study is to map out the digital experience of potential customers who are searching to buy a new smartphone and post-paid plan, which provider they choose and especially why. WUA worked on a proven model for the last 10 years, which shows as precisely as possible what customers want, whatever are the best practices and the obstacles per provider. A custom-made report is available within two weeks, including a get-to-work workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.