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After 10 years of benchmark research in the Telecom market for consumers, WUA conducted a study in the business market this summer. The study looked at the online orientation for a mobile phone plan for business among the target audience of ‘small businesses’ (up to 10 FTE).

WUA asked 100 business respondents to orient themselves freely online, using either desktop computer or laptop, with the assignment: “Go online to look for a mobile phone plan that suits your company.” This study shows which websites are being found and visited during that free orientation, how the users experience them, which website is preferred in the end, and especially: why?

With a Web Performance Score of 76, ranks highest. The KPN website is visited by the highest number of respondents during their orientation, and also performs best at persuading its visitors: 26% of visitors say they prefer At 14%, scores a relatively low preference, but with an Overall score of 65, it still manages to grab second place. completes the top-3 with a score of 68.