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In the Czech Republic the WUA Saving Account study was conducted for the first time in July 2019. A total of 300 Czech consumers searched for a saving account via their desktop. takes first place in the ranking with a Digital Sales Score of 34. Rounding out the top are (21 points) and (17 points).

>> Get free high level results in the Market Insights Update Saving Account Czech Republic July 2019 lonely at top: High Preference and Findability

Found by 50% of orienting consumers and a Preference of 23%, has a comfortable lead on runner-up The latter is found by 38% of the respondents and has a Preference of 12%. scores highest digital CX: Friendly & Fresh

In the Digital CX ranking, takes the lead with a Digital Customer Experience Score of 68. AirBank’s website colors are “fresh”, the company operates credibly, belongs to a strong subsidiary, and also operates friendly. The product offer is brief and clear. On second place in this ranking, we find (CX Score 66) and finishes third with 65 points.