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In 2000 my father took me to the Online Store Days (Webwinkel Vakdagen) in Amsterdam yesterday we visited this event again.

19 years ago, I was sixteen years old, we were so inspired that we both started to learn how to build a website using HTML, and each started our own online company in that same week. My father (Klaas Kroezen Senior) started selling insurances online, I started selling contracts for newspapers and magazines.

Over the last 19 years, we’ve learned and shared many lessons with each other, about our experiences and hardship in online entrepreneurship. Like, in the first years of selling insurance online, nobody would and could believe my father was making money by selling insurances online. But he saw customers coming in and in, because of the website, day in day out.

I also made my first money selling papers and magazines online. Was it a lot? No, just a little. And was it perfect? Not at all! Did I want to give up many times? Yes… but all these little successes gave me the energy to keep on going!

Yesterday we went to the Online Store Days again. My father, now 70 years old, is still running his online insurance business, successfully, and has over thousands of customers.

The main learning from all those years is: optimize your Digital Experience. We all want to find that Golden Nugget, the one that will help you achieve Digital Excellence. And it all starts with the right priorities; what do you need to improve in terms of your Brand, Look & Feel and Offer in order to increase conversion now?

That’s why we at WUA, are building the best & biggest digital experience benchmark of the world! How? We ask 200-600 consumers to spend one hour orienting themselves on a product or service online. During that hour we ask them questions about how their journey was, to get insights into what their experience was on every website, and if they would favor your website or the website of your competitor. We also dive deeper into the why; we ask consumers what it is that made them choose your website or the website of your competitor.

I believe the answers to those questions give you the most important insights into how you could improve the digital experience of your website and increase your online conversion. In other words find that Golden Nugget by listening to your customers in the right way!

Your customers give you the best feedback on journey level. A benchmark with competition and outside industry best practices, leapfrogs your steps and priorities. To win. And to accelerate. To deliver Digital Excellence to your visitors! Within 4-6 weeks we know exactly and fact-based where and how-to improve your website now.