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In June 2018, WUA conducted a new type of research on private lease cars. We asked 344 consumers to compare the websites of 22 car brands on the topic of private leasing. We then asked our respondents to choose 3 different brands that caught their interest. All three websites were then assessed on the base of our WUA Web Performance Model (see below) and were rated on the themes Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand, in First Impression and In-depth experience. After comparing these three websites for one hour, respondents were asked: which website was your favorite (Preference)? was declared winner in this research.

1032 reviews on 22 car brand websites

We thus received a total of 1032 website reviews. WUA conducted this research independently. We initiated it to gain better insight into the Private Lease market. This research is the first in a series of 4 and will take place every six months in the coming 2 years. You can still sign up to receive all research reports (book your appointment now).

Guided research on private lease VS orientation study on private Lease

By this point, you may think: but what’s different from the regular studies on private lease that WUA conducts every month? The most important differences are:

• Our orientation studies also include Findability (see WPS model above): how visible are websites within Google? Or: how often does a company attract visitors directly to their website? This gives you a much better picture of the actual visitor numbers of various websites.

• Our orientation studies include all different entries a website can have (e.g. landing pages, home page, campaign pages). In our guided research, all respondents start from a website’s home page. We often see the latter reflected in our orientation study on car brands. As car brands have high levels of brand awareness, many visitors skip Google and go straight to the website, thus starting their customer journey on the company’s homepage.

• In our orientation studies, search is based on customer needs: “I want a private lease car.” With this search method, our respondents will mostly find lease companies. They offer “private lease”, in which the car is an option that comes with the subscription. Our guided research, on the other hand, is based on the need for a car, in which private leasing is a financing option.

• Both assessment methods tell you how well your website is doing in terms of User Experience. Meaning that in both methods websites are benchmarked against other websites respondents visit. In our guided research, however, we ask for 3 websites, whereas respondents in our orientation studies can rate 4-5 websites. In our orientation studies, we see that consumers are more likely to switch back and forth between websites, and do so at a higher speed. This is a logical reaction. Just think of how you search for random products online yourself, and how quickly you change websites when doing this. Respondents in our studies do exactly the same.

• In our guided researches, all websites receive a minimum of 45 website reviews. In our orientation studies, many websites are reviewed less than 30 times. This is useful when assessing crowded markets that have a lot of competitors, such as Private Lease.

WUA conducts the research independently

“You always say you’re independent. But you now made this list yourselves? How can I get my website on this list? ” These are all very good questions! Yes, that’s right: at WUA, we are completely independent. And yes: we compiled this list ourselves. The winner, the website that offers the best customer experience, is determined by consumers, and not by us. When we selected our list, we first looked at the most popular car brands in the Netherlands. Next, we included car brands that approached us for inclusion. The more websites we can have assessed, the better. Our goal is to achieve the largest and best customer experience benchmark in the world, together with our customers!

What Private Lease Captives and Recruitment Research have in common

But haven’t you conducted this type of research before? Yes, we have. In our assessments on recruitment, we have been conducting this type of research for many years. We once started researching working at the big 5 and this has now been expanded to a total of 25 websites. In these assessments, we ask Young professionals and students close to graduating to visit various career company websites.

Do you want to know more about our private lease research? Or are you curious to see what WUA can do for your company? Feel free to contact us, or to schedule an appointment!