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In the last couple of months, we’ve worked hard to deliver our Digital Experience Dashboards in a renewed MyWUA Client portal.

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Matthijs van den Broek
Head of Thought Leadership

Via MyWUA, our clients can easily access (recently) purchased reports, your Digital Experience Dashboards, and much, much more. We’d love to take the opportunity to give you a short heads-up on the new design and some great new features.

Logging in to MyWUA

All purchased Digital Experience dashboards can be found in the new MyWUA-environment (client login). Reports can still be accessed via the previous version of MyWUA, but we’ll start migrating all available content, including reports, in a few weeks to the new MyWUA.


Improved Design and Navigation

We’ve improved the design and the navigation of the MyWUA-environment so that clients can more easily access their purchased Dashboards and reports. After you log in, you’ll find the navigation bar on the left-hand side with JourneysDashboardsReports, and Settings.

Manage Permissions: Give your colleagues access and viewing rights

In the Settings-environment, you can now alter your personal settings, and you can also add users from within your company via the Account Settings menu and permit them to view reports and access Dashboards. You are also able to exclude dashboards for one or more groups of specified users. We’ve made it possible for you to create groups, for example “Insurance”, and connect journeys to a group. Users within a certain group, get a more isolated view this way.

Accessibility & Updates

The Digital Experience Dashboards that WUA provides are built in PowerBI. Ultimately, we will work towards delivering our products in secured web environments, in order to gain speed and increase simplicity. We automatically add the latest versions of the Dashboards that you have purchased as a customer at MyWUA account level, we are working on automated, personalized notification systems that you can adjust to your own discretion.

Future Plans – Help & Insights

MyWUA will more and more function as a news platform and knowledge base where we’ll release product updates and guides, link to best practices, launch new rankings and deliver fresh whitepapers.

Our support-environment will be expanded so that we’ll give you all the background information and tips and tricks to get the most out of our Digital Experience Dashboards. Also, we’ll add community elements into MyWUA, so that clients can share information and vote on the user value of best practices.

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