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The Digital Sales winner in the current account study of August 2019 is With a score of 36 points, the bank leads the ranking.  The study was conducted on both desktop and smartphone among 400 consumers, who each searched for a current account in the Netherlands.

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According to respondents, offers the best customer experience. In the Customer Experience Ranking, the bank leads on both smartphone and desktop, with a score of 73 on smartphone, and 70 on desktop. winner in WUA’s latest study for a current account in The Netherlands (August, 2019)

Rabobank finishes first, comes in second with a Digital Sales Score of 30, and takes third place with 21 points.

Independent benchmark study, executed among n=400 participants 50% conducted study on desktop and 50% on their own smartphone scores highest in terms of customer experience achieves the highest score on all Customer Experience themes. On Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand, consumers appreciate the “9.2 score from the Consumentenbond”, the “clear information”, “without unnecessary images”.

Customer experience is measured by measuring 32 items related to Look & feel, Product Offer, Brand or the Application process. Each consumer evaluates 4 websites