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For the second time this year, we asked consumers to orient themselves on taking out a mortgage online. For this October mortgage study, the number of respondents has been increased from 400 to 600, making the results even more reliable. Good to know: we still observe the same differences between scores and market shares.  

The case for this study: “You and your partner have a combined income of €70,000. – a year. Search online to find your preferred mortgage provider. Try to navigate as far as possible through the process without actually requesting a quote or making an appointment.”

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Key findings

  • The total number of respondents has been increased to N=600, making the study even more reliable, generating more in-depth qualitative data.

  • Rabobank (31 points) scores first place with a 10-point difference in Digital Sales Score on number two: ING (21 points).

  • The top performers in terms of Digital Sales Score in this market are Rabobank, ING, Hypotheker, and ABNAMRO.

  • Rabobank ranks first in Digital CX score as well with a consistent performance compared to the last study.

  • Rabobank and ABNAMRO share first place on smartphone with 66 points compared to a 62-point average.


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Leading group: ING, Rabobank, Hypotheker and ABN Amro (Desktop & Smartphone).

In the market overview, we can get a glance at how the players perform overall. If you compare these results with the findings of the last study, you can see how the market develops over time. In recent findings, we see a ‘top player’ group has formed that consists of Rabobank, ING, Hypotheker, and ABNAMRO.

The number one in this study, Rabobank, finds itself in a great position. Their high findability (58%) and conversion rate (36%) make Rabobank a tough player to beat. ING decelerates in their attempt to catch up with Rabobank since the latest measurement. Where they first moved in on Rabobank on Digital Sales Score with a difference of 5 points (Rabobank 30 and ING 25 points respectively), ING now falls back on Rabobank with a score of 21 points, where Rabobank scores 31 points. This results in a commendable second place for ING in the digital sales score, but also further increases the gap between the number one and number two with a score difference of 10 points.

There is more going on than the fight for first and second place. ING, ABNAMRO, and Hypotheker all have to keep close tabs on one another: there’s a narrow margin in scores between these players. SNSBank just falls outside of the ‘leading-pack’ because they lack a high conversion.

Rabobank performs consistently on CX on Desktop

Using the overall results of the study, an estimation can be made why Rabobank becomes first in most mortgage studies throughout the years. Rabobank finds itself in a sweet spot of findability and conversion: almost 6 out of 10 people visited Rabobank while orienting themselves on a mortgage provider. Even though their high findability is a big achievement, Rabobank also knows how to convince users to keep their conversion high. They do so by continuously improving their customer journey and keeping their CX score steady.

Looking at the CX-scores of the previous study, back in June: ING, ABNAMRO, and Independer ranked on top of the list while scoring above average (70), with scores of 73, 73, and 72 respectively. In that study, Rabobank scored 69 points, so just below average.

When looking at the same scores in the latest study (November) we see the average CX score in the market dropped to 64 points. Even though Rabobank scores one point lower than last year (from 69 to 68 points) because the other players in the market perform worse than last year, this score is enough to take the lead.

Digital CX scores June 2020 vs November 2020 (current study). Rabobank scores first place, ING drops down to 5th place (on desktop).

Besides, websites that were catching up to Rabobank are falling further behind. ING moves from place 1 to place 5. ABNAMRO drops one place back from second place to third place, making room for ASNBank. Independer falls sixth place with a lower-than-average score of 62 points.

Rabobank and ABNAMRO share first place on CX-score on Smartphone

In the market-overview, specifically looking at the smartphone results, we can see that ING, ABNAMRO, and Hypotheker perform quite similarly on findability and conversion. In this case, the difference can be made through how the customer experiences the entire website. In the CX score on smartphone, we can see that ABNAMRO and Rabobank take the leading position with a total of 66 points. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that ING was moving towards the number 1 in last study, but in this study, they fall back to a shared third place together with SNSBank (64 points).