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For the first time in WUA history, we researched car rentals on Ibiza. A total of 400 respondents orientated themselves online on car rental (for a 7-day rental period) on this Spanish island. With a Digital Sales Score of 29 (desktop and smartphone scores combined), is crowned the winner of this October 2018 research. and come in second and third with Digital Sales Scores of 28 and 20. The best customer experience on a desktop is won by, with a Digital CX-Score of 67. On smartphone, the best customer experience is had at, with a CX-score of 74.

Digital Sales Score: has 13-point lead on players outside of top-3 is the number 1 in the Digital Sales Score ranking, with an average score for desktop and smartphone combined of 29. The car rental agency is followed closely by with 28 points. Trailing behind at a greater distance is, with a Digital Sales Score of 20 points. All in all, both and far outperform the competition; outside of the top-3, no rental platform scores higher than 16 points., for example, occupies fourth place with a 16-point score, and the final member of the top-5, EasyTerra, follows with a Digital Sales Score of 15.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Onderzoek: Auto Huren Ibiza
    Meting: Oktober 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Totaal Desktop Mobiel
  • 1 29 30 28
  • 2 28 20 36
  • 3 20 22 19
  • 4 16 14 18
  • 5 15 15 15
  • 6 14 15 14
  • 7 14 16 12
  • 8 13 12 14
  • 9 12 14 10
  • 10 12 14 10
  • 11 11 15 7
  • 12 10 12 8
  • 13 9 5 13
  • 14 7 8 7
  • 15 7 7 6
  • 16 1 1 -
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  • Hoogste totaalscore
  • Hoogste score op device

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Digital Sales Score: High Findability for and

The gold and silver medal winners are found by the highest number of respondents in this research., for example, has a 53% findability and even has 61%. This is over 20 percentage points higher than other car rental platforms. In terms of findability, (fifth place) and (sixth place) also perform well, as both have 32% findability with consumers. However, they don’t perform as well in convincing their visitors to rent a car with them, which causes them to drop below the top-3. The differences between them and platforms,, and are great: they are found by no more than 9%, 7%, or 5% of consumers, respectively.

CX-score: Good online customer experience on desktop by

Aside from obtaining a good Digital Sales Score, also manages to create a good online customer experience on desktop computers, scoring a Digital CX-score of 67. In the ranking, they’re followed by (62) and (62). is complemented with the way it shows a real-time available selection, says one of the site’s visitors in the research: “It instantly notifies you of how busy it is during this time, great variety of cars and rental prices, it mentions how many people and suitcases can fit in each car. Very up-to-date.”

Although platforms like and have a lot of work to do to place top-3 in Digital Sales Score, they’re much better at offering a high-quality online customer experience. These platforms, along with, form the top-3 of the desktop ranking.

CX-score: provides good customer experience on smartphone also offers a good online customer experience. Consumers using their smartphones are guided excellently through the rental process. Visitors are also satisfied with the pages’ loading speed. Respondents say about’s mobile version: “Looks good, nice photos too, of all the cars you can choose from. Fast-loading pages make it easy to make your choice and finish your rental request. After choosing your car, you get an overview of what you get for the price shown.” Another visitor says: “Page-loading is fast, and it’s well-organized. You immediately see where to go and what to fill out.” In mobile scores, the platform is followed by with a CX-score of 67, and with a score of 65.