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AMSTERDAM – September 1st, 2016 – is the favourite financial service provider for a savings account in Germany. This is the result of an independent extensive online study in July 2016 among 300 German consumers conducted by international research agency WUA.

Consumers were asked to look for a savings account on the internet. To stay as close to reality as possible,  they were completely free in their orientation behaviour and in choosing websites to visit in their digital customer journey.

The qualitative and quantitative data in this study give a rich view on themes like Findability, Look&Feel, Product Offer and Order Process. The research lets you understand what works best in a digital customer journey and what does not and how. With the report, we show which financial service providers consumers encounter, why do consumers continue their online journey on a certain provider’s website and why other websites are clicked away in a matter of seconds. The research also shows what providers made it to the short list and – at the end of the orientation process –  which financial service provider is their favourite, and why.


Sparkasse tops the ranking

With this study, WUA! maps the entire German market for a savings account on desktop/laptop from customers’ perspectives. is the winner with a score of 66 points, followed by with a score of 64. and come third and fourth.’s strongest asset is their high brand awareness and long-established trust in the German market which led to the highest findability of all service providers of 63%.’s findability is much lower, but consumers are convinced by their good product offer and a very user-friendly website.

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The complete report Digital Sales Scan Savings Account (DE) – July 2016 is available, including all scores, custom qualitative analysis, best practices, benchmarks, and actionable recommendations to immediately improve your website and increase your conversion.

Digital Excellence: Who gets the highest preference?

This study shows once again that Digital Excellence is an absolute necessity. To beat the competition, you have to offer an excellent digital experience in the entire customer journey, and take the number one position in preference. Being found and scoring high in Google isn’t enough. Below are some interesting insights from the study:

  • and reach the highest preferences: For 18% of the respondents would be the 1st choice if they had to decide where to open a savings account, 17 % would choose
  • The online banks, and score highest on conversion, but a lot lower on findability than
  • Compared to the previous measurement in April 2015, maintains the top position. The difference with the current measurement is +2 points.
  • For each provider found in this study, WUA! asked the participants why this provider was given second or third place on preference instead of first place. These insights can be found in the full report, including a comprehensive funnel analysis of each provider. For many WUA! customers, this is one of the most important sources for setting priorities to improve conversion.

The aim of the study is to map and analyse the digital experience of consumers, when they search for a savings account, who they choose to open an account, and especially: why. Using a proven model WUA has been working on over the past eight years, we map out what it is exactly that consumers want, what the best practices are, and what areas can be improved.

Who can benefit from this study?

In this study WUA’s online experts reveal problem areas and areas for improvement on all topics based on the Digital Sales model. For each provider, conclusions and actionable recommendations are provided in a tailor-made report. At WUA, we know that in order to achieve digital excellence, it is extremely important that the following people and departments are involved with / benefit from this study:

  • Everyone who is commercially responsible: The winner takes it all.
  • Management: for the right direction and mind-set in the organisation.
  • Online marketing professionals: get started immediately with the recommendations for a higher conversion.
  • Research: Thorough research with a validated model is the foundation for digital success.
  • Proposition/marketing: In addition to Look & Feel, the topics Product Offer and Brand are key factors in the buying process.

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