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Keeping up with service and sales trends is key in establishing a healthy and ongoing business. WUA gives you advice, based on quantitative data from your customers. Improve your conversion and find out when studies in your industry start. Or: get in touch to find out how we can make your digital CX research happen!

Digital Sales Scan

With the WUA Digital Sales Scan, our researchers discover how consumers are experiencing your website and the websites of your competitors. WUA uncovers this valuable information by assigning at least 200 consumers on smartphone and/or 200 on desktop computers to go online, search for your product or service, and complete a realistic task.

Digital Service Scan

How do customers experience the digital service on your website or smartphone app? How do you score on this compared to your competitors? Find out with the WUA Digital Service Scan.

The WUA Digital Experience Dashboard

Your Digital Sales and Service Benchmark data in an automated dashboard with analyses. In our Digital Experience Dashboard you get detailed insight on how consumers engage and experience your website, apps, and accounts versus the competition. At both local and global levels. Request a demo to discover the dashboard relevant to your customer journeys.