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As an online professional you communicate your tight reports with rising lines. Through ingenious Excel sheets, you show green boxes. Hooray: The visitor count rises month after month, and the time-on-site is on the rise… Yet sales are still lagging behind and consumers are not buying from you, but from a competitor. Those aren’t hard numbers, they are a gut feeling. You have your figures in order, but they apply to you.

What do you mean? Our company has a very strong customer focus! Of course you carry out the occasional lifestyle survey, you have focus groups, a contact form on your website, pop-up or side-up feedback forms, talks with die-hard fans and great promoters. You know exactly who your visitors are, right? Maybe you even have consumer consulting boards for very deep insights. And you carry out pricing analyses, or maybe you have someone else do them. Does all this help? Of course it does. But not enough.

Look at yourself relative to the others

We advocate a new perspective: “Outside Out”. As an online professional, you are too much inside your own “Box”, and we recommend looking further, not based on instinct but based on research. At WUA! we have the vision that it is not enough to go “Outside The Box”. To win in digital, you’ll need to go a step further: “Outside Out” thinking, and actually “doing” that. You shouldn’t compare your current results to your previous results from the distant or recent past, you should compare them to the results of your direct competitors. The following mantra clarifies the Think Outside Out idea even more:

“It’s not about what your (potential) customer thinks about you or the competition, it’s about what this customer thinks about you, compared to the competition.”

Turn your (optimisation) question around…

Most online marketers only look at the conversion they get themselves, which they will then continue to optimize. While almost everyone knows that your potential customers are also orientating themselves on the website of your competitor. With an average conversion of 3%, 97% is ignored, and there lies the real potential to grow! Why doesn’t that 97% buy from you but from your competitor? Answer this question and you’ll turn this group into customers as well. Answering this question is only possible if you change your perspective: Think Outside Out!

Winner Takes All & your path to Digital Excellence

What we also know about online orientation and customer journeys: In Digital, The Winner Takes All… the best website in the market shows 52% more preference than the number 2. Is it therefore important to be the best and compare your results to those of the competition? Our research shows it is, and therefore you need a roadmap that produces your path in the direction of Digital Excellence.

Think Big & Go Incremental

At WUA! we believe in ambitious goals and in manageable incremental steps towards an ambitious goal. You determine those steps through continuous measurements of where you stand. You also constantly measure whether you are taking the right steps. Small steps are easy to amend. The WUA! Benchmark is extremely suited to provide you with you this insight and give you direction – not only relative to your direct competitors, but also relative to the best outside your industry and even the best worldwide. The best inspire you to define your ambitious goals – the best digital experience you can imagine.

Customers won’t ask for it themselves, but they do expect it!

Confusion is the basis for change…

In the meantime, you’re organizing your thoughts, slowly moving away from your rather introspective approach, changing direction, and via “Out Of The Box” you landed at your first thoughts about the Think Outside Out approach, and you wonder how that looks. What is your ambitious goal and how do you achieve it? Theoretically, like in the image below. It is a roadmap to Digital Excellence with your digital performance on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis.

The ingredients of the WUA! Digital Excellence Program

The ingredients of the WUA! Digital Excellence Program

Digital Excellence Program

At WUA! we are working for ABN AMRO, Vodafone and CZ, amongst others. For them we measure structurally different sales and customer journeys. Where are they relative to the competition? Where are they performing well, and which areas are in need of attention? What are the concrete areas for improvement and how should these be implemented? If necessary, we go deeper with usability studies with eye tracking at our offices. The cycle could be summarized as follows:

  1. Gain insight into where you stand
  2. Determine your priorities
  3. Go deeper with additional research if necessary
  4. Implement the concrete areas for improvement
  5. Evaluate, learn

Therefore, our Digital Excellence Program isn’t a snapshot: it is a structural program with a clear research cycle with dynamic delivery. The intensive collaboration is thus focused on continuous measuring and improving in incremental steps, no gut feeling, but based on what (potential) customers are actually experiencing.

“Think Outside Out. Be or beat the best.”

We are passionate about this approach, the unique products we use to obtain the necessary insights, and the largest and best worldwide digital experience benchmark we’re building with it. We’re happy to help you!