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In WUA’s customer experience benchmark studies, we ask hundreds of potential customers to find, compare, and choose a product or service online. What do they experience? Do they choose you? If so, why? And if not, WHY not? Which players in which markets and countries get the highest preference?

This sneak peek of our Multicountry Digital Experience Dashboard (Sim Only: US – UK – CAN – NL, May – October 2019) enables you to look beyond borders and shows you how countries compare to each other on digital CX.

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What can you learn from the best-in-class, to accelerate digital growth and boost online sales?

Multicountry benchmarking: The CX Challenges of ING & Vodafone

“To address local users well, it’s important to have a connection to the local market. This is done through thorough research and testing. Naturally, looking at the learnings in other countries is a part of this – what’s going well, and what can they learn from this locally.”
Harry Odenhoven – Former Chief Customer Experience Vodafone Global

For both Vodafone Group and ING International, WUA has carried out multiple multicountry benchmark studies in the Finance and Telecom industry (read more on the Vodafone project here). Customer journeys we’ve studied were Sim Only, Telecom Package (Triple Play), Phone + Plan and in the Finance industry we’ve carried out CX-research on Loan, among others. Questions that both Vodafone and ING had:

  • How to build a global customer journey that fits local, cultural differences? When do we need to adapt to local heritage?
  • How do we measure the Customer Experience for all countries with the same KPI?
  • How can we speed-up the pace at which we improve the conversion for all markets?

The Digital Experience Dashboard provides you with a Digital Sales KPI for CX that is an excellent tool to use internationally. In the following sections of this article, you can “play around” with a small portion of our data. This Digital Experience Dashboard contains recent multicountry data from 4 of our Sim Only studies and is free for you to access.

Digital Experience CX study Dashboard: Sim Only Market in the US, UK, CAN, and NL

In the interactive Digital Experience Dashboard, Sim Only data for 4 countries is enclosed. The research case for the UK, US, Canada, and the Netherlands was:

“Imagine that your mobile phone contract is coming to an end. However, the phone you currently have still meets your needs. Go online and look for a new Sim Only or Bring-Your-Own-Device plan. Imagine that the phone you have accepts sim cards from any carrier (“sim-lock-free”). Please assess all the steps to purchase a Sim Only plan, but don’t actually make a purchase.”

In this dashboard preview, you will find data on: Conversion, Findability, Preference, Digital Sales Score and CX-Scores. You can play around with data and zoom in on countries and specific suppliers in these countries. Good to know: this dashboard is just a sneak peek of all the data available. Ask for a free demo here to get more data on your specific market and customer journeys.

Extensive Multicountry CX-Dashboard now available

The extensive dataset, which is based on more than 4,000 website evaluations, is now available, also per country. Optimize your digital customer journey in the Telecom industry, increase your conversion, compare your scores to those of the competition and analyze WHY consumers choose you OR the competition by using the open-ended answers on hundreds of questions.

Digital CX Dashboard - Sales

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