Reading Time: 2 minutes takes the lead when UK consumers are looking for a Sim Only plan. In WUA’s latest digital customer experience benchmark study, 300 consumers orientated themselves on a new Sim Only plan using their current smartphone. received a Digital Sales Score of 27 points, whilst ranked 2nd (22 points), and finished in 3rd place (20 points).

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When it comes to customer experience, and tied with a Customer Experience Score of 69.

The UK Sim Only market is saturated

In the UK, the Sim Only market has become rather saturated, and like in different industries all over the world, comparison websites are springing up. In this study, the top 3 was dominated by comparison websites: is in the lead, and are the runners-up. Traditional telecom providers such as (4th) and (5th) narrowly miss out on a place in the top 3. and offer the best customer experience

In the Digital Customer Experience ranking, and both lead with a total of 69 points. takes third place with 65 points.

According to consumers, uSwitch’s website offers a “lot of options”, “helpful filters and easy navigation”, and “each plan is clearly laid out”. Especially in the Further Look phase, where consumers orientate themselves further on a Sim Only plan, performs best on Look & Feel and Offer. performs well when it comes to CX, especially on Look & Feel and Brand in the First Impression phase

When it comes to Look & Feel and Brand in the First Impression phase (where consumers take a quick look at a website), manages to outperform Of the respondents who named as their preferred website and as their second favourite, feel that presents its product offer in a clear and more attractive way.