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In the newest Phone + Plan Digital Sales Scan of January 2019, dominates the market again. The telecom provider has a Digital Sales Score of 39, a staggering 16 points ahead of and, who both earn a total of 23 points. The study is based on 300 consumers, in the comfort of their own home, that search for a new mobile phone + plan on their own smartphones. 

In this study’s Digital Customer Experience Score ranking, takes the lead with 69 points. T-Mobile holds a Digital CX Score of 63, tied with for the third place.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study: Smartphone + Plan
    Measurement date: January 2019
    Country: The United States
  • Total
  • 1 39
  • 2 23
  • 3 23
  • 4 17
  • 5 17
  • 6 15
  • 7 14
  • 8 13
  • 9 13
  • 10 11
  • 11 9
  • 12 8
  • 13 7
  • 14 6
  • 15 5
  • 16 3
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  • Highest total score
In the fourth quarter of 2018 WUA renewed her questionnaire. The Digital Sales Score is now divided in the Digital Sales Score and the Digital CX-Score. Read more about it here.

Three-time winner leads because of easy to find product offer

Since October 2017, ranks first and has slowly been increasing their Conversion from 32% in October 2017 to 38% in January 2019. The consumers visiting the website of the phone with plan provider are most impressed by how easy it is to navigate through the offer. As one of the respondents puts it: “easy to find the plan you are looking for, easy to find the phone you want and easy navigator”. Another study participant finds: “The various plans are laid out clearly, the “help me choose” feature is very nice, and everything is large and easy to read on a smartphone.  Love the chat feature.”

High Conversion, low Findability for

When looking solely at Conversion, performs best with 44% – nearly 1 out of every visitors on their website ends up choosing them as their preferred provider. However, they are found by just 5% of the orienting customers.,, and, all with low Findability (between 6-14%) are runners-up – these four telecom retailers & providers all have a Conversion of 39%. 

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New: The Digital CX-Score

The Digital CX-Score is a display of the total website experience and has been based on questions regarding the themes Look&Feel, Selection, and Brand. For instance, the ability to quickly and clearly convey the website’s selection and the trust in the company behind the website. The score consists of a measured mean of all of these elements, in which the elements that have proven to have a bigger impact on the eventual preference weigh more heavily. Our analysis show for instance that elements such as Selection and Brand are considered more important in generating a preference than the element Look & Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Smartphone
    Study Phone + Plan
    Measurement date: January 2019
    Country: United States
  • 1 69
  • 2 63
  • 3 63
  • 4 61
  • 5 61
  • 6 59

Best Buy makes a good First Impression and Further Look consistently scores highest in both the First Impression and Further Look phases, on all three customer experience themes Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand. In terms of Look & Feel, respondents are pleased by the “clear images and price comparison” – “immediately it shows pictures of a variety of phones from which to choose”. 

Additionally, the Product Offer stands out from the crowd, particularly during the Further Look: “Multiple options (carriers and cost) along with phone choices and upgrades. Easy to read, see cost, carrier and payment options.” and “my information was easily found with side panel choices which enable further drill downs.”

Goal and relevance of this research

The goal of this research is to map out the exact digital experience of potential customers who are searching to buy a new smartphone and post-paid plan. It is important to capture the consumers’ choices and their reason to choose a specific company. WUA has continually improved its a proven model over the last 10 years, which shows precisely what customers want and why, what the best practices are, and the obstacles faced by each website & provider.

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