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Vodafone ranks first in the German Phone + Plan August 2019 study. With a Digital Sales Score of 20 the provider comes out on top with the same Digital Sales Score as Telekom. Because of Vodafone’s high Findability the telecom provider takes the crown at the expense of rounds out the top and is third with 13 points. A total of 600 German consumers searched for a phone + plan via their own desktop and smartphone.

Both and are praised for their Customer Experience. has the highest Customer Experience Score on desktop (64 points), comes out on top on smartphone with a CX score of 62.

Goal and relevance of this research

The goal of this study was to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves on taking out a Phone + Plan contract. Our research shows what customers want, what the best practices are, as well as which possible issues each provider faces.

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