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In WUA’s recently-launched Digital Excellence Monitor , ANWB scores highest on online customer experience in 3 separate industries. In this article, we zoom in on the rankings, the CX-scores from the report, and we dive deeper into what ANWB does so well in the insurance, automotive, and travel industries. What can you learn from ANWB’s digital customer experience approach?

Travel industry: dominates with rock-solid brand
Consumers using their smartphones to find a campsite in France, have the best experience on With a high score (86 points) on Brand, is no less than 5 points ahead of the second place winner in the Travel industry, People’s trust in the ANWB brand remains high. Consumers also feel the offer is broad and varied. The convenient filter options and mentioning the number of campsites and locations further add to this. Icons and text also help ensure the consumer quickly gets a feel for the type of campsite. A number or responses from the study’s participants:

  • “Reliable, easy to use, lots of offer”
  • “Quick overview with photo, instant insight into the costs, and overview of accommodations offered at a glance”
  • “Beautiful website, clear overview. You can see they’re knowledgeable”

Clarity and offering relevant information are key
A good travel website benefits from a good overview and clarity: immediately provide all relevant information in a single overview. Add pictures that offer inspiration in order to give customers an optimal feel for the campsite or vacation they wish to book.

Insurance industry: wins car insurance study 10 times in a row
In the insurance industry of the Digital Excellence Monitor, it’s again that receives the best overall score this year, on both smartphone and desktop. This is partially thanks to good scores in the car insurance industry. comes across as sympathetic, say consumers who orient themselves on car insurance policies on desktop. Consumers appreciate the excellent contact options and the relevant images. But the roadside assistance, up-to-date traffic information, and the route planner are also appreciated. Although these functions aren’t directly relevant to the ‘car insurance’ product, they do contribute to the brand’s sympathetic appearance.

‘Overperforming’ on customer expectation breeds sympathy
Make your brand sympathetic, as ANWB does in point 1 of the screenshot above. The tone of voice is personal. This comes back in the image (point 2), in which the photo itself contributes to ANWB’s sympathetic character. Give visitors the choice between finding information themselves or contacting the company. This is reflected in points 3 and 4: visitors can ask questions, they can chat with employees, and the search option is easy to find. And: offer the customer more than what they’re looking for. Although the route planner isn’t directly relevant to car insurances, it’s very convenient for the customer, and it turns ANWB into an authority in this aspect. Overperforming on customer expectation, that breeds sympathy.

Automotive:’s performance in private lease industry
In the automotive industry, ANWB once again shows good results in the Digital Excellence Monitor. The brand scores high on ‘Brand’ in the 6 studies conducted this year in the private lease industry. For example, in the Digital Excellence Monitor 2018, scores 5 points higher on ‘Brand’ on desktop than second-place winner

On smartphone, ANWB also has a 5-point lead on second place ( Once again, core values ‘trust’ and ‘sympathy’ are evident in consumers’ assessments. makes short work of the bad reputation of lease companies and car companies, by providing a fully transparent offer that connects well to the target audience and fulfills consumers’ need for information.

Act like an advisor
ANWB scores high on customer experience because the brand acts like a counselor. Use this as a company, and provide your visitors with elaborate information. Like ANWB, the brand that tells you more about the benefits of private lease and the cars themselves, but also about the dangers and other important information, like for example the BKR registration.

A strong brand like ANWB offers trust, low-threshold contact options, a personal tone of voice, chats, excellent filter options, and transparent advice. These factors can all contribute to a good customer experience. Furthermore, overperforming on customer expectation breeds sympathy, helping you achieve digital results.

Digital Excellence Monitor 2018
In the Digital Excellence Monitor 2018 WUA summarizes all benchmark studies conducted between August 2017 to July 2018. In total, 7,897 respondents on desktop and 5,300 on smartphone visited over 1,800 unique websites in 7 studied industries: telecom, travel, finance, insurance, energy, automotive and b2b. The ‘report grade’ for the customer experience is expressed in an average score on the themes of ‘Look & Feel’, ‘Offer’, and ‘Brand’, from the WUA Web Performance Model.

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