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With Farrah Ridderhof joining us as a senior Usability researcher, we’ve expanded the WUA Usability team to 3! In this interview we get to know Farrah, an Amsterdam-based, Usability Researcher and Digital Researcher in one.

Welcome Farrah! Nice to have you on our team. How did you come across WUA and what will you be doing here?

“I heard about the company from a former colleague, Yannick Ludwig, who now works with me here at WUA. I was looking for a new challenge and had kept in touch with him. He told me I should come and talk to someone at WUA and it turned out to be just what I was looking for! I now work on qualitative and quantitative research at WUA and I do double duty as Digital Researcher and Usability Expert. This is the same position as I held in my former job. I’m glad that I still get that variety in the job I’m doing now.”

You’ve been working here since November 2019. What do you like most about working at WUA?

“Everyone is really passionate about their work. It feels like we are all part of a family. Everyone is glad to help out whenever you need a hand. All of us are also highly motivated and ambitious, but there’s a good sense of humor within the team. And after commuting to work in Rotterdam for three years, it’s good that I can now just ride my bike to work instead.”

What motto do you live by?

“If I had to choose, then I would say, Balance is key. The same goes whether you’re at home or at work. I’m always happiest when I’m in balance.”

WUA’s motto is “Living dreams.” What dreams do you want to live?

“I have lots of dreams, mostly related to travel. I’d like to travel through Japan again someday and make it up to South Korea. Or tour through Canada with a camper and visit the US, especially the West Coast. Those destinations are all high on my list. When I think about that camper trip, I think about being out in the woods, with nothing between me and the great outdoors, and then seeing how to ‘survive’ out there. Those are plans for the distant future, for when my kids are a bit older.

“When it comes to my career, one dream of mine is to be self-employed someday. But I still need to build up a few years of experience before I’m ready to be the go-to digital expert.”

What do you think sets you apart from others?

“I have a very deep sense of personal responsibility. Whether it is towards other people or my projects at work. I am dedicated to making every step of a project a success, and achieving excellent results to keep our customers satisfied.”

What do you and your friends have in common?

“Well, I am part of a few different tight-knit circles of friends: high school friends, college friends, work friends. We’re all very easy-going and have the same sense of humor. We care about each other and like to spend time together. I can always count on them and they can always count on me.”

What are your real pleasures in everyday life?

“There are so many of them, actually. They’re related to food, haha. I love butcher Fa. Koopman’s Olivier salad. And there’s a baker in Amsterdam Zuid (Van Avezaath Beune) that I really love. They have the best ‘Bossche Bol,’ but their banana cream puffs are even better. I love homemade, traditional food. But I also love a good ramen noodle soup…”