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Inna Ivanova joined the WUA team in April to give our German branch a boost. Let’s get to know one the newest members of the global WUA-team.

Hallo Inna! It’s awesome that you’ve joined the WUA team. How did you wind up at WUA and what will be your role within the company?

“I did my Consumer Research Masters in the Netherlands and after 8 years in Munich I decided to return to the land of the tulips, laid-back people and challenging weather. My new career challenge at WUA is to dive in the customer/user-experience universe of research data and benchmarks and to pick the most relevant ones for the customers. Establishing WUA on the German market and expanding the client portfolio is another key task.”

When you first started working here, what was your first impression of the company?

“WUA offers a real family atmosphere. One feels right away at home.”

Before joining WUA, what were you doing?

“The last five years of my professional development I have spent in the media research field at, on the one hand, the biggest provider of factual entertainment worldwide – Discovery Networks and, on the other hand, at one of the two biggest media power houses in Germany – Pro7Sat1 SE. I have worked closely with the commercial departments in the two companies and have facilitated their closing deals by providing them with analysis, arguments and stories to convince the customers.”

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How have you adjusted to living in the Netherlands?

“My nickname is “flexibility” and along with that I am a citizen of the world, so it is a piece of cake for me. Jokes aside, I’m not going through a cultural shock this time around, so it hasn’t been too difficult.”

Imagine it’s the weekend and you’re feeling fantastic. What song do you put on your speakers?

“If it is great weekend I would probably be hearing the motors of an airplane starting and the buzz of airports and various vehicles getting me to my travel destination. In other words, the thing I love most to do in my free time is travel.”

Didn’t expect that answer, but fair enough. Do you have a motto for life? If so, what is it?

“I believe that “God loves the brave”. Probably you can classify that as a motto.”

There’s a great debate about whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza. What’s your opinion on the matter?

“I am researcher, who believes in customer centricity. I would ask a big enough sample to get enough data and then I would build my opinion! Now I don’t feel prepared enough ???? Does that answer your question?