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Laura Winters has been working at WUA’s marketing department since early September. As Content Marketer, she’ll get to work on anything that can be written. Get to know Laura in this interview, in which she talks about what she loves best about working at WUA, her favorite food, and her favorite country.

Welcome, Laura! Good to have you. How did you end up at WUA?

I came home from Australia after travelling for a year, and was looking for a fun job. I used a lot of different websites, and just to be thorough, just Indeed once as well. I clicked on a bunch of vacancies, and to be honest, the WUA one was the only one that sparked any interest. I looked at the website, read the interviews with new employees, and thought: I could see myself be a part of this! Aside from that, I already had experience as a Content Marketer for Fonq, and I like writing, so the job aspects appealed to me as well. The fun interviews with the current team made me enthusiastic, and after a high-speed recruitment process of 3 weeks total, with 3 interviews and a case, I was offered a position in the marketing team!”

You’ve been here for about a month now. What do you like best about working at WUA?

“The people! Everyone here is full of energy, and loves their job. I joined just before WUA X, a huge event organized for the 10-year anniversary. It was perfect for getting to know the company and the people quickly. Another thing I really like is the business culture at WUA. You’re given space to really develop yourself, and you choose what you’re good at, but you also choose something you like but aren’t all that good at yet. That way, you keep working on yourself.”

How did you get into Content Marketing in the first place?

“By accident! I have a degree in marketing, and ended up working on all sorts of projects. At the same time, I was also in part-time teaching school (with evening classes) to develop myself in a broader sense. At the end of that program, I realized I didn’t see myself become a teacher at the moment, and I wanted to find a job that was fun. That’s how I ended up with fonQ. I wrote about kitchen products; I love food, and it was a lot of fun. You find ways to help consumers choose a certain product. I discovered I really liked writing. Additionally, I’ve been writing for my own blog, When in Utrecht, for about two years now. And of course I can really get my writing kicks at WUA.

What’s your motto?

“I have a background in education, so I’ll use one from Pippi Longstocking: ‘I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.’”

What’s something you’ve never done before, but you want to do?

“Eat at a Michelin star restaurant, see the Northern Lights, and dive between two continents in Iceland. I learned to dive in Australia, including at the Great Barrier Reef. It’s incredibly cool, but it also sounds awesome to dive with a dry suit (a suit you don’t get wet in), and then touch America and Europe at the same time. How cool!”

If you could choose anyone on this planet, who’d you want to have dinner with?

“Obama is a bit of a cliché, no? In our own country, I’d love to have dinner with Chantal Janzen. I think it’s amazing how she’s a musical theater star, a presenter, and has her own magazine. And she’s so clever and witty. She’s really built her own brand and I admire that.”

What’s your favorite place in the world?

“It’s hard to choose between cities and countries, but right now, my favorite country is Australia. It’s so big, and there’s so much left to see! I’ve seen the West Coast and the East Coast, and I’ve spent time in Sydney. The nature in West Australia is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen so far. The color of the sea, especially, is etched into my memories, it’s so blue it almost feels fake. But my favorite city is Barcelona, where I lived for half a year. Not just for the paella, but for the climate and the language, too, Spain’s just a great country overall.”