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Yannick Ludwig joined our ranks as Digital UX Researcher in September. During our interview he revealed that in a second life he would probably be a detective, because he always digs deeper to the true cause of why something is as it is. A great quality for a researcher! Read more about that and what he thinks about WUA!

Hello Yannick! It’s awesome that you joined the WUA team back in September. How did you wind up at WUA and what will be your role within the company?
“I was looking for a new challenge in usability research after having worked 4 years at MetrixLab in online and social insights research. When I found out that WUA was looking for a researcher for the German market with the headline “German native, fluent in English, Dutch is a pre”, I immediately thought: that’s me. During my first interview – in the WUA boat – I quickly felt at home. After two more interviews I signed my contract, eleven days after my first interview.”

When you first started working here, what was your first impression of the company?
“Very positive! The culture within WUA is great. There is such a harmony within the team that I haven’t experienced at any other workplace so far. Everybody has a can do attitude, and you feel that everybody supports one another, in whatever way necessary. Despite the large size of the team, which often means people cluster into smaller groups, it still feels like one big family.”

What do you believe in or what is your life motto?
“I never really had a specific motto in life, as priorities always change over the years. I guess what has been consistent over time; do good and good things will come to you. I feel that’s especially valuable in face to face interactions. You’ll quickly notice a change when you are calm and patient with others – even if they start off as rude, they will copy your behaviour. If you stay calm, this will lead to a much more pleasant and productive outcome.

WUA’s motto is living dreams. What dreams do you have?
“On a personal level it has always been a dream of mine to go cage diving with great white sharks. It would take a lot of willpower to actually enter one of the cages, but seeing a great white shark up close in its natural habitat would be a once in a lifetime experience. On a grander scale, I simply want to have an enjoyable life, surrounded by people I like and a work environment that reflects that. Of course research is a part of that great work environment for me and has to be a part of it.”

In what area are you unbeatable?
“Finding a solution to a problem that is seemingly unsolvable. I don’t like to settle for good enough, and always want to dig deeper until I find the true cause of why something is just that. That’s one of the aspects that drives me most in being a researcher. I often say that, in a second life, I should have become a detective.”

Are you a tea or coffee drinker?
“Definitely coffee, I can’t start my morning without one. Although, a proper Indian Chai is a close second. I went to India for a wedding last year and on every street corner sales men were selling real Chai.”

If we wake you up in the middle of the night, what should we bring?
“The (original!) Star Wars trilogy, preferably despecialised.”