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Chwhynny Overbeeke joined the WUA team as Head of Research UK at the beginning of October 2017. As a Dutch native living in the UK, she will take care of WUA’s business in the UK, and she will oversee all research and client projects. In this short interview, we proudly introduce Chwhynny!

How did you end up at WUA and what will be your role within the company?

“Many years ago – I think it was around the time I was finishing my master (Language & Artificial Intelligence) and research master (Language & Communication) at Tilburg University – I was working as a freelance translator and editor for IDG Nederland. A few years later, my main contact at IDG introduced me to Matthijs who was also working there at the time. When Matthijs joined WUA, he recommended me to the company as a freelance translator and proofreader.

“I met Klaas, Henk, and Daan in London, I visited WUA HQ in Amsterdam, and my role at WUA just kept expanding as time went on. Then, when they were looking for someone to launch WUA in the UK, it seemed to make sense for me to take on this role. My passion for digital, strong background in research, and the fact that I was already very familiar with the ins and outs of WUA, all contribute towards enabling us to hit the ground running. Plus, I’ve lived in the UK for over 9 years now, so am already settled in and ready to get started!

“As Head of Research UK, my role is actually really varied. I’m responsible for setting up the studies we’re carrying out in the UK, the research design, marketing, and of course delivering the research reports and expert recommendations to our UK clients. Currently, the fieldwork is underway for my latest Car Insurance study, it’ll be interesting to see who the winner will be!”

What is it that you like most working at WUA?

“WUA is all about growth. Personal and professional growth. In my case, this means they’ve given me the opportunity to greatly expand my skillset and my role within the company, and they have put their trust in me to build and represent WUA in the UK. They don’t shy away from giving you interesting challenges and true responsibilities. On top of that, even though I’m not based in Amsterdam, I do feel really involved with the team and everything that’s going on with WUA all over the world.”

What is your working experience, this is not your first job?

“I previously worked as a freelance researcher, editor and translator. A very cool and interesting project I worked on was translating a series of Dutch children’s books into English. This required a lot of creative thinking because it was full of wordplay, metaphors, songs, and poems which all needed to work with the story in English as well.

“I’ve also worked as a music producer and vocalist, had my music released on various CDs, performed in front of thousands of people in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Toronto, London, Krakow etc. I’m also featured on the soon to be released first Ultra HD Blu-ray in dance music!”

What is your dream ambition?

“When it comes to WUA, my ambition is to build the company in the UK and do lots of cool research, which will in turn help people achieve their own goals. Obviously, this is also linked to my personal goal in life, which is simply to be happy. For me, happiness lies in stability (with my husband and our insane cat), yet with a lot of flexibility and interesting challenges.”

You’ve been with WUA for quite a long time now. How would you describe your colleagues?

“Full of energy and ambition, easy going, and fun to work with. They’re there when you need them, and we all work together to achieve the best possible end result. Like I said earlier, I’m working remotely most of the time, but they always make me feel very involved. For example, recently I attended a meeting via Skype and they put a laptop with the digital ‘me’ on the table, even offering me snacks ;)”

What is your life motto?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, patience, and effort, but if you really put your mind to it, you can achieve almost anything.”

What book is a must read according to you. And why?

“I would definitely recommend reading ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach – An eternal golden braid’ by Douglas R. Hofstadter. It’s a truly fascinating book in which Hofstadter very cleverly connects the theories of mathematician Kurt Gödel, M.C. Escher’s graphics, and the musical works of Johann Sebastian Bach. The book shows that somehow everything is connected, and how various pieces of knowledge can be linked in a meaningful way. It gives deep insight into artificial as well as human intelligence, and it inspires you to self-reflect.”