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Felix Laumanns joined the WUA team as Business Manager Germany at the beginning of this month, October 2017. As a German native living in Amsterdam, he will take care of WUA’s business in Germany, and he will oversee all research and client projects. In this short interview, we proudly introduce Felix!

Hi Felix! It’s great you’ve joined our team in October. How did you end up at WUA and what will be your role within the company?
“While living in Amsterdam I noticed that more and more young and innovative Dutch companies here are aiming to expand their business on the German market. As a native German with an international professional background and a passion for new challenges, I could see myself in this environment and went for quite a few coffee dates (seems to be a real Dutch thing :)) Luckily within this process I also crossed Klaas Kroezen’s path. That must have been around 1.5 months ago. From then, things went quite fast and now I’m here!

“My role as Business Manager DE is to bring the WUA spirit to Germany and educate companies about their need to be on top and follow up on their digital customer experience. This includes building up marketing strategies, sales activities and launching new and interesting campaigns and studies for the German digital market.”

What is it that you like most working at WUA?
“Definitely my position and the freedom and challenges that come with it but I guess it’s the mix of everything here. I like that WUA started out as a family business and still kind of is. Two ambitious brothers, backed by a great team of experts in their fields, who are all passionate about growth and don’t mind, or even love, change. Besides the healthy work culture, WUA offers you a great environment and tools to use. Working in a great office in the heart of Amsterdam and cruising through the canals on a Friday evening together with your team isn’t too bad either :)”

What is your working experience, this is not your first job?
“During my studies (Sports & Economy) in Freiburg, Germany I worked for governmental institutions and professional sport clubs within Sports Marketing & Development. After that I was lucky to combine my passion for surfing and business on the island of Bali, Indonesia and worked around five years within the surfing industry. This time the focus was more on sales, mainly targeting the European market. My Amsterdam girlfriend and bit of “Heimweh” to good old Europe brought me to this great city where I first started working for an American Electronics company as Key Account Manager for the DACH market.”

What is your dream ambition (for this Job)?
“My goal is to get WUA to become #1 on the German Digital Benchmarking market and actively see more and more companies benefit from us and reaching their Digital Excellence.”

You how now been on board for 1.5 weeks. How would you describe your colleagues?
“Fun and ambitious with a lot of respect for each other. Working at WUA feels different, in a positive way. It’s more like a family in which everyone is working towards the same goal – to be successful as a company. I like this attitude and it gives a great motivation to take on the challenges that will come.”

What is your life motto?
Never settle for less. I always try to keep this in mind when it comes to both my work and private life. It pushes me to take that extra step or to take chances.”