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Sustainability has become a subject that cannot be ignored regarding energy. Most suppliers seem to take part in helping consumers obtain better durability. Almost 50% of consumers indicate they find it of importance that their supplier can advise them on sustainability.

This article is based on study results from the Energy Contract Consumer study in May 2019.

Energy sustainability important in choice of supplier

Of the 400 participants, 75% indicate that energy sustainability is of importance when choosing a supplier. However, the consumer does not seem to distinguish between different levels of sustainability. Only 7% indicate they have thought about how not all green energy is as durable.
Despite indicating sustainability is of importance, price is still more important. Of the participants, 81% indicate that the pricing is at least as important as sustainability when choosing a supplier.

Most participants make economical use of their energy

The largest portion (71%) of the participants indicate that they try to cut back on energy use. Monetary savings and the environment are the most important causes of this. A smart thermostat is used by 24% of the consumers and 21% of the consumers use solar panels. When it comes to further sustainability in the future using less energy is the most popular method. Solar panels come in second as 15% of the participants indicate they would like to make use of them in the future.