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Now that 2019 is coming to an end at full speed, it is time to reflect: what did 2019 bring you? And what are your goals for digital growth in 2020? In this blogpost, we are wrapping up 2019 by showing you how can you benefit from this year’s developments and innovations at WUA. As for 2020, it is our ambition to help YOU accelerate, grow, and plan your digital business and improve your customer touchpoints even more than you are already doing.

The urgency for accelerating digital growth is bigger than ever

Staying ahead of the competition is a challenge, but it was never more urgent than these days. It is making this year’s focus at WUA crystal clear: accelerating Digital Growth for our customers. We are making this possible via our Digital Sales Benchmark and our Digital Service Benchmark, both services are delivered via individual in-depth reports and our interactive Digital Experience Dashboard.

We provide biometric next level Usability research (Dutch) in which we use eye tracking, neuro, and facial coding for deepening and broadening customer experience insights. Additionally, since the fall of 2019, we offer the Digital Customer Journey Traineeship. Our trainees provide you with extra “hands and brains” to help you accelerate your digital growth.

How the Digital Experience Dashboard helps you accelerate digital growth

We have constantly improved all WUA deliverables, publications, reports, data, and much more. For now, we would like to zoom in on the Digital Experience Dashboard – as it is rapidly changing the way we operate our business. With the arrival of the Dashboard in spring 2019 (check out this amazing product video), we offer our customers more value and speed. But there’s more:

  1. Delivery at great speed within one business day
  2. Become a digital customer journey expert yourself and create ownership
  3. Data only & additional research consultancy and best practices on request
  4. Multiple measurements, multiple labels, multiple countries in one dashboard
  5. Industry Benchmark Monitor 2020: your customer experience as a KPI

1. Delivery at great speed within one business day

When our online customer experience studies are finalized and all data has been checked, we can deliver the full Digital Experience Dashboard for any type of sales-study within one business day on request. This means (new) customers can benefit quickly: they know where they stand on market performance, they know what to do to boost online sales, they have better insight in what A/B tests to run, and they can fill their backlogs with client-based issues and feedback.

2. Become a digital customer journey expert yourself (with a little help) and create ownership

The Digital Experience Dashboards do not only deliver data, they also bring priorities to your teams. When optimizing your digital customer journey, where do you start to achieve the most impact? Working with the dashboard lets you become the expert of your own customer journey by diving deep into the “why” behind the numbers and by making competitive funnel analyses (why is my competitor overperforming and what can we learn from them?).

Working with the dashboard also generates “ownership”: the recommendations, CX-advice, analyses, and tools are not simply provided to you on a silver platter – it’s time to really dig into the data and to get your hands dirty! Our research consultants are always ready to help with onboarding workshops, best practices, funnel analyses, and recommendations to ensure that you can accelerate your digital growth based on the right insights.

3. Data only & additional research consultancy and best practices on request

Since the launch of the data-only tracker report in 2016, we at WUA have been more accustomed to separating our customized consultancy services with analysis, best practices, action workshops, management summaries, and recommendations from the quantitative data we deliver. Now that the Digital Experience Dashboard is here for every sales survey we carry out in 2020, it is possible for our customers to purchase our consultancy hours separately – to receive best practices and to help you on your way with recommendations where relevant and appropriate.

4. Multiple measurements, multiple labels, and multiple countries in one dashboard

Imagine you are the head of CX in a group organization in several countries or you are overseeing multiple customer journeys as a head of digital and you want to know which team(s) are performing best over time. The Dashboard lets you check multiple measurements for multiple labels in multiple countries all-in-one. This should be your total grip on digital CX.

5. Industry Benchmark Monitor 2020: Your customer experience as KPI

In multiple industries, we are measuring multiple customer journeys quarterly in 2020. For example, in the finance industry, we are measuring a customer journey every month. With the speed that we are able to deliver our Digital Experience Dashboards, we make it easy to optimize, iterate, implement, and re-test in a continuous cycle of improvements. With the Dashboard and the accompanying data-only reporting, it is becoming more affordable and more effective than ever to measure all the customer journeys in an industry, on a frequent basis (contact us for pricing & options).

Research planning & best wishes for 2020

Looking back on 2019, we hope you find all of the above innovations and (dashboard) developments meaningful for your digital business in 2020. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with feedback, a sales enquiry or any questions.

One more thing… our planning for 2020. WUA constantly carries out customer experience benchmark studies in various industries. Find all the planned customer experience studies for 2020 here. Is your journey not on our planning? Get in touch to find out how we can make your Digital CX-research happen!

Last but not least, on behalf of the entire WUA team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and digitally successful New Year. Let’s work towards the very best digital customer experiences, ultimate digital growth, and business success in 2020!

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