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WUA is at the top of analytics & optimization agencies in Emerce’s annual image survey, Emerce100. In this quantitative study, conducted by research agency Motivaction, WUA is a newcomer and scores 5 out of 7 stars. The Emerce100 survey was conducted among 1,295 respondents and readers of Emerce.

5-star review for WUA

In the analytics & optimization agencies ranking, Oogst maintains its top position with a score of 5.5 stars. In addition to WUA, MeMo2, Digital Power, and Begradient also featured in this ranking.

Matthijs van den Broek, Head of Thought Leadership at WUA: “It is good to see that WUA’s services are highly valued. Together with our customers, we are building the best and largest digital CX Benchmark in the world. This position in the Emerce100 ranking encourages our team to do even better every day.”

Emerce100: More than 759 companies assessed

In Emerce100, decision-makers in the online industry assess the performance of service providers, divided into dozens of categories. This year, 759 companies were assessed. The 5-star rating consists of four criteria, namely: knowledge/know-how, price-quality ratio, reliability, and flexibility.

These criteria have each been given a rating on a 7-point scale, where 1 means very poor and 7 means very good. The ranking shows companies that have been rated by at least 12 respondents.