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“The years go by so fast, let’s hope the next beats the last.” It’s one of my favorite sentences from a well-loved newish Christmas song by Smith & Burrows. With only a few days left in the old year 2018, it’s time for a WUA list of highlights from this beautiful year. They’re listed below, in random order!

1. New model and new rankings

In the final quarter of 2018, we (re)launched the Digital Sales Model, with corresponding new scores: The Digital Sales Score is renewed and we introduced the Digital CX-Score (Customer Experience Score). Want to know more? Click here to read all about the new score and the improvements and innovations surrounding this launch.

2. The Digital Excellence Monitor 2018 & WUA X

We’ve learned how to blend: to celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we launched the Digital Excellence Monitor 2018 during our customer event WUA X (and how amazing it was to have Nils Vergeer, Job Mantz, and Harry Odenhoven on stage). For the first time, we had a “live” award ceremony: countless awards for the ANWB were handed out, and the party continued well into the night.

3. Best Practices Year in Review 2018

For the third time, we created a beautiful report of recent Best Practices. A wonderful overview of WHAT those different parties are doing well in CX, with practical examples to help you improve your digital experience. Download it here.

4. International projects in Greece, South Africa, Italy, and Poland

Building the world’s biggest and best digital experience benchmark once again received a great international boost this year: we flew around Europe – and outside of it – a lot, to present our studies to our clients. We went to South Africa for a large telecommunications organization, and we did a study in 4 countries at the same time for an international bank.

5. Hurray, the first WUA content marketer is in the house!

All those wonderful blogs, podcasts, interviews, best practices, and white papers you can find on our website, do have to be created or ‘produced’ first, of course. Since September, we’ve created a great foundation in the marketing team to build on, by hiring Laura Winters. Read her welcome interview here, or this beautiful background story about our service research in the healthcare market.

6. Coming Soon: WUA’s international website

Those who’ve paid close attention in the past few months may have already gotten a live sneak peek: WUA’s international website is increasingly taking shape, and we’re already incredibly proud of this powerful English calling card. Stay tuned: the official launch will happen mid-February!

7. WUA Babies!

We’ve greatly expanded the team of digital professionals working at the Herengracht 252 this year, with new researchers, data specialists, and sales professionals. Another fun fact to mention: 3 of our WUA staff became first-time parents in 2018!

8. Average customer satisfaction of 8.8/10

As we speak, the average customer satisfaction at WUA is an 8.8 out of 10, and we’re very, very proud of that. Customers appreciate the action workshops and speak highly of the concrete content of our recommendations. An 8.8 is great, but it can still be improved. On to a 9+ in 2019!

I could keep going for a while, but then it’d be getting much too text-heavy. On behalf of the entire WUAt team, I wish you a Happy New Year, and a digitally successful 2019!