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This week brings bright and shiny news: WUA launches a new study in the energy sector. In an unprecedented move, we have asked 200 respondents on a desktop to search for solar panels through an energy supplier of their choice. In this online orientation study, otherwise known as our Digital Sales Scan, the consumers are free to choose through which utility company they would purchase their solar panels.

The Case Study and Respondent Base

WUA formulated the following case study:

“Anyone with an energy contract can purchase solar panels to harness the power of the sun and turn this into energy. In this, it is possible to purchase solar panels from a different energy supplier than the one that currently holds your energy contract. Conduct a search for solar panels through a different energy supplier. Continue the process as far as you can on their website, without actually purchasing the solar panels.

The study is conducted online, amongst a respondent base of 200 consumers on a desktop. The target group reflects the average Dutch population: 50% male, 50% female, with diverse educational backgrounds, and over 25 years of age. Yet, all consumers in this study are homeowners intending to purchase solar panels.”

Every website found by the consumers will be rated based on questions that originate from themes in WUA’s Digital Sales Model: Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand. Every respondent rates 4 websites.

Energy study by WUA: Consumer, B2B, and non-commodity

‘Solely delivering power and gas […] will no longer be sufficient for sound long term business management’, said Patrick Lammer, CEO of Essent, in FD in January 2019. The energy sector changes rapidly. Energy suppliers increasingly claim their right of existence by offering service, ‘green solutions’, and smart home solutions such as ‘smart’ thermostats. They are moving in the direction of comfort and the work typically performed by insulation consultants. Furthermore, solar panels are more often delivered as a ‘service’ and acquisitive customer journeys and service customer journeys coalesce more and more in apps.

Low interest on savings, a booming economy, lower material, and installation costs, fierce competition amongst suppliers, and a beautiful summer make solar panels seemingly more popular now than ever before. The perfect time for energy suppliers to get started on your non-commodity sales journey for solar panels, just before summer starts.

The study of purchasing solar panels through an energy supplier is the third customer journey type study that WUA has conducted in recent years as well as in this current year. The study on consumers taking out energy contracts traditionally takes places annually in May and November. The study on energy contracts taken out amongst a business-like target group takes place in April every year.

Interested in finding out more or participating in this study?

Would you like to find out more about this new WUA study? Are you interested in the results and would you like to be the first to receive them? Send Matthijs van den Broek an email, I look forward to meeting you and sharing more about our energy studies!