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Diet – Excercise – Mentality. These are the pillars of the WUA Health Program, which secured WUA’s place in the finals of the Vitaalste Bedrijf van Nederland (‘most vital company in The Netherlands’) competition. WUA is the convincing winner in the province of North Holland. Jury Chairman and Olympic Gold Medalist Pieter van den Hoogenband handed the prestigious prize to founders Klaas and Henk Kroezen and the entire team at WUA’s office. Van den Hoogenband: “Your report is truly fantastic, your chances are good for the national finals!” The other nominees from the province of North Holland were IT company Macaw from Hoofddorp and mortar manufacturer Cementbouw from Cruquius.

Living your own dreams, together

“As founders, we strive to live our dreams every day,” says our CEO and co-founder Klaas Kroezen in this morning’s press release by ONVZ and MKB-Nederland. “We don’t just want to achieve this for ourselves, but for our entire team which is becoming increasingly international. If you don’t live your own dreams, this comes at the expense of your own vitality and that of the people around you. Mentality, diet, and excercise are the essential pillars of the WUA Health Program.” For each of these pillars, WUA has recruited special external coaches the team can benefit from whenever they want.

Trampolines – Yoga – Bootcamps

At WUA, family culture is a high priority; at WUA the human comes first. We invest heavily in the vitality of our team, based on the three pillars mentioned above. Not only do we serve fresh salad every day, we also do a seven-minute workout every day at three o’clock with our own health coach, we have regular external beach sessions to build our team spirit, and we do yoga and meditation at our own office. In addition, we hold meetings standing up, employees can work standing up or sitting down, and we have a trampoline and table tennis table always available.

On to the national finals!

And now….. we’re through to the national finals, where we’ll be competing against the winners from the other provinces. The prize for the Vitaalste Bedrijf van Nederland will be awarded on November 23rd, during the Week of the Entrepreneur in Amsterdam. The competition is an initiative of MKB-Nederland and health insurer ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar. Vital companies are very important to the Dutch economy. Therefore, MKB-Nederland en ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar are encouraging companies to invest in sustainable workforces.