Reading Time: 2 minutes wins for the second time in the most recent Triple Play (Telecom package) study in The Netherlands. The provider ranks first with a Digital Sales Score of 39 in a study conducted among 400 Dutch consumers on desktop and smartphone. and T-Mobile rank second and third with a Digital Sales Score of 29 and 20 respectively.

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Noteworthy competitors and newcomers is on the rise and climbs from 5th to 3rd place. By doing so, they leave and Telfort behind (the Telfort brand is discontinued as of this summer). Even though drops one place in the ranking because of the rise of, this provider converts better this time around than during WUA’s last analysis of this journey. is a newcomer in the Digital Sales Scan ranking and enters in 5th place. Even though is not yet found by many consumers, they manage to achieve a Conversion as high as 38% of visitors who visit Pricewise’s website ultimately prefer

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The Insights Update (free for you to download) offers a sneak peek of all the data we’ve gathered in this digital customer experience study on taking out a Triple Play contract in The Netherlands. The big and extensive CX-dataset, based on more than 1.500 website evaluations, is now available for you in our interactive Digital Experience Dashboard within 2 business days. Our Dashboard lets you optimize your digital customer journey in the Telecom industry, increase your conversion, match your customer experience scores to those of the competition and analyze WHY consumers choose you OR the competition using the open ended answers on hundreds of questions. performs best on Customer Experience

On Customer Experience themes Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand, scores particularly well with their website appearance and the KPN brand. The website “works fast” and the telecom packages are ordered in a “neat and organized” way. takes second place in the Customer Experience Ranking. They know how to convince the customer of their offer and the consumer applauds the possibility of putting together their own telecom package.