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Increase Customer Acquisition, Website Conversion And Rise Above Your Competitors


Your Customer Experience Impacts Your Revenue Streams | WUA proudly helps these companies evaluate and improve their customer journeys

Be or Beat the #1 in Digital Sales Journeys

We help businesses organize the very best digital experience across digital channels and customer journeys. Our belief is that this can only be achieved by benchmarking and optimizing at the customer journey level. We spend every day working on the most comprehensive, high-quality digital experience benchmark in the world to support our customers with their digital roadmap. Each study we conduct makes our benchmark more valuable, and our customers benefit on a daily basis.

Do you want to sell more online? Our Digital Sales Scan maps customers’ digital experiences, not just on your website, but also on those of your competitors. Our market analysis gives you all the insights and tools you need to increase your conversion and online sales!

Our Global Benchmark in Numbers

Are you in search of an in-depth analysis of the online market? WUA’s got you covered!

Websites and Apps
Unique Reviews
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Free eBook: The Digital Excellence Challenge

The Digital Excellence Challenge. Last year, we held 23 in-depth interviews with the winners of our benchmark studies. What do they have in common? What is their secret? What are the most important challenges they face? What is their magic formula to excel in digital? What can you learn from them?

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This is how you create the best digital experience for your customers

Change your perspective. Discover what your potential customers experience on your website and look at what they experience on your competitors’ websites. Only then you can ensure that your website meets the needs of your potential customers. With the Digital Sales Scan, you will get insight into the entire online customer journey; which websites are being visited, why do visitors give up or continue, how do your potential customers experience the websites they have visited, and what website do they eventually use to make their purchase. Benefit immediately from the WUA Digital Experience Benchmark with more than 100,000 unique ratings of over 10,000 websites. Choose the Digital Sales Scan and discover:

  • How your website performs compared to your competitors’ sites and apps
  • Which concrete improvements can be made to increase your conversion immediately
  • What you can learn from the best practices from other markets (WUA Global Benchmark)
  • Learn more about the Digital Sales Scan

“I’m here to help you improve your online customer experience to boost conversion. Contact me at +1 (415) 218-7885 or bo.laanen@wuaglobal.com to set impact priorities for your website.”

Bo-Peter Laanen, U.S. Research Director | WUA

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