WUA empowers clients to sell more online, achieve higher customer satisfaction and increase their user experience by focusing on the consumer perspective.

WUA was founded in 2008 by brothers Henk and Klaas Kroezen in Amsterdam. They have been working with their digital passion since 1999. WUA aimed to create the best digital experience benchmark in the world, in order to provide customers with the most useful insights to win on the web, for sales customer journeys. With the Digital Sales Scan we provide the ultimate KPI for online teams and directors to measure and benchmark digital performance and experience, both within and outside your own industry, in your own country and internationally.

Digitally Active Since 1999

Since 1999, brothers Henk and Klaas Kroezen have always been working as online entrepreneurs. We believe that when you really want to be the best in digital, you need to fundamentally listen to your customer and benchmark by learning from the best. In order to provide better digital experiences that are linked to business results. Every day, over 40 digital experts are benchmarking and looking for best practices.

WUA: where does the name come from?

The name WUA is short for Web Usability Advice. Founder Klaas Kroezen used to call every project during his MBA in 2007 Web Usability Advice. Colleagues from the previous company run by Henk and Klaas who moved with them to the new company WUA, came up with WUA as a company name. The name gives energy, and it made many people smile, which is still the case in 2017! WUA is unique. Different. Fun. And constantly working on innovation.

WUA works for enterprise and medium-sized organizations

At WUA we like to work with medium-sized to enterprise companies that want to win. Winning by delivering the best online customer experience by fundamentally listening to the customer. We work with only the best digital experts and researchers. With a team of over 40 digital experts, WUA has a benchmark with over 18,000 websites and apps, and is active in more than 15 countries. Our clients include Vodafone, ABN, ING, KPN, TomTom, CZ, Liander, Google, Samsung, and hundreds of other large and medium-sized organizations. Both profit and non-profit, B2C and B2B.

Meet the team

WUA has an average customer satisfaction score of 8.7 out of 10.

WUA has become large as a result of its extreme focus on quality & customer satisfaction. We believe that, as a company, you need to offer extreme value at a reasonable price. We love working with our customers and build a partnership, to always do a little better and innovate together with our customers whilst focusing on business results. The most important thing we hear from our customers is that they can immediately get to work with our results and recommendations, and that our benchmark offers them a barometer for structural digital improvement.

The result for WUA customers who fundamentally listen to their customers:

  • More (online) sales and higher margins due to the Digital Sales Scan
  • A stronger market position relative to the competition by structural deployment of the Digital Sales Scan

WUA’s results and recommendations are so practical and concrete that your team and any external agencies will be able to get started right away and always with the right (customer) input. Everyone is looking in same direction.

We provide action points based on research in inspirational workshops with your team. At WUA, we usually work in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly cycles.

WUA! beliefs

We briefly showed how our model works, what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

If you’re really listening to people and deeply address the key drivers of behaviour and motivation, you can tune your products or services to real needs. We are convinced that your products and services will become much better as a result.

  • We believe that listening to consumer feedback on how products and services are experienced yields a wealth of information that enables and incentivises businesses to address issues directly. Companies that put customers and Man first in this way and who are serious about this, are the companies of the future. Companies that do not do this, will no longer have a right to exist in the short term.
  • We believe that you should learn from winners. It accelerates getting digital results, and shortens your roadmap to success. By benchmarking and listening to the needs of your customers, you will see how you’re doing compared to your competition. You will clearly see your own digital obstacles, best practices inside and outside your industry, and the associated areas for improvement.

WUA! Mission

At WUA! we want to help businesses organize the very best digital customer experience across all digital touchpoints and all customer journeys within these touchpoints. We believe that this can only be achieved by benchmarking and optimizing at customer journey level. Together with our customers we spend every day working on the most comprehensive, high-quality digital experience benchmark in the world to support our customers with their digital roadmap. Every study that we conduct our makes our benchmark more valuable, and our customers benefit from that on a daily basis.

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