Free scores, conversion figures & market insights from the telecom market.

Is your company active in the Telecom industry? WUA! regularly studies the experiences of consumers and entrepreneurs when requesting a telecom service online, such as a SIM-only contract or a telecom package.

Request a detailed customized report now, and discover how consumers experience your website compared to those of the competition. Check this page for planned upcoming studies and available reports.

Recent and planned studies in the Telecom industry

WUA! periodically studies consumers’ preferences when selecting a wireless plan with or without phone, telecom bundled package, or other telecom service. The chart below shows the planned studies. Is your study not in the list? Please contact us to discuss options.

Phone + Wireless Plan

Date of most recent study: June 2018

Date of upcoming study: December 2018

Phone + Plan Results

Sim Only

Date of most recent study: March 2018

Sim Only Results

Telecom Triple Play

Date of upcoming study: TBD

What could a WUA! study mean for you?

Are you wondering how you can improve the conversion of your website compared to your competitors? So more customers will choose you? Then take a look at the WUA! Digital Sales Scan.

WUA! doesn’t just study your website, we also look at the sites of your competitors and the best sites in the sector. This way, you will get a direct and honest idea of where you stand in your market, and which improvements will give the best return.

In our studies we utilize the renewed Digital Sales Scan. This scan is characterized by:

  • A minimum of 300 respondents per device selected by renowned panel providers.

  • In-depth funnel analysis: what do customers say about your website, the websites of your competitors, and the best websites in other industries?
  • A high predictive value where to increase conversion, thanks to the validated research design.
  • Detailed, clear, and practical research report, for better internal understanding and support.
  • Practical, concrete actions to increase the conversion of your website based on your customers’ perspective. This approach is the only way to know with certainty what you need to do to increase your conversions.

These companies in Telecom benefit from the WUA! Digital Sales Scan:

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