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Why our customers choose WUA:

  • Immediate insight into your key priorities to increase your (online) sales.

  • WUA has a team of senior digital experts and researchers: you will be in direct contact with this team.

  • We take all the research-related work off your hands. This way, you will only need to invest a few hours of work.

  • We paint a crystal-clear picture of where obstacles and points for improvement are. Quantitative and with screenshot analyses.

  • We work with best practices from outside your own market. You will automatically get this when you choose the Digital Sales Scan with analysis.

  • Concrete and practical recommendations: WUA gets praise from its customers for its concrete recommendations that can be implemented immediately by your digital team.

Reoccuring Assessments

Many organizations carry out a variant of the Digital Sales Scan once every quarter, six months or year to get a structural grip on their digital performance. Multiple measurements are eligible for a discount. At 4 measurements, this is a discount of 7.5% per measurement. Please contact us if you are interested.

The Digital Sales Scan Report

Sufficient assessments of your own site

Does your website still have a low web traffic in your (new) market? We often let 100 additional respondents review your website, after they have found 3 websites themselves. This way, we can be sure we know everything about your website!



average customer satisfaction rating

“Very comprehensive research, well summarized and presented in an understandable way that highlights the most important lessons.”

Eva Rekers - Samsung
Eva Rekers

“WUA offers enlightening insight into performance compared to the competition, where the right relevant details are discussed.”

Linda Palmen - Vodafone Nederland
Linda Palmen

“Relevant topics in which the customer’s concerns are made clear and offer insight.”

Paul van Arendonk - KPN
Paul van Arendonk

“WUA sessions help you to refocus, you are able to take a critical look at your own site and those of the competition.”

Marieke van Stempvoort
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